[DEPRECIATED] [Beta] Samsung Audio including TTS with Voices

On/off is probably not an option for your soundbar on the interface. I will remove in a few days. (notice the Multiroom App does not have on/off).

Are you saying that the soundbar does not switch input on when selected through the DH. That is surprising. However, here is another test (with observations). If so, I am concerned.

Note: All outputs should be within 10 seconds. Otherwise, the function is not valid

Set your speaker up in WIFI via the Multiroom App.
Run the command

Observe: The display should show HDMI 1

Run the command

Observe: The display should show WiFi.

these commands work flawlessly and display hdmi1 and wifi almost instantly. within the smartthings app, i cannot seem to switch inputs. pressing the area does notthing. still, this has come a long way, it’s definitely working better and better with each thing i try

Changed how to do Source Selection. Go into Preferences (upper right hand corner of device page) on the Device in the ST app. Select the area named “Speaker Source”. Select your speaker. Select “Save” (upper right). This should update.

awesome, it’s definitely working better and better. seems like if I try and do a bunch of the stuff quickly it gets bogged down, but it’s definitely operating better now.

Correct. But it is the SmartThings environment. I have had times that even single commands would not go through (from this and other device handlers). Usually when I am playing a lot (I think the throttle us back when busy).

I don’t currently use any.

Question: Does BigTalker only work when playing back from a DLNA device (like your PC, smartphone, Personal Cloud Storage)? Looking at the SONOS code, that is how it usually works.

I do not believe that I can code this into this DH. They are using the DLNA UPNP interface - which is not the one I am using for this control. Once I get settled, I am going to test the “Generic Media Renderer” series. This appears to work with these speakers and allows some of the functions you are discussing. It would work directly with the device - so the devil is in the details. Keep tuned.

Other issue: Speaker Volume/Mute extension to other speakers. I see an approach if I can get the IPs of the other speakers in the group. Then the volume for any group member could be spread through the rest of the group.

New update available today. Supports speakers as well as soundbars. Improved performance.

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update available.

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Seems for my R1s at least some weird and wonderful things going on now Dave.

At first volume wouldn’t respond, so entered the settings a clicked “Done” this seemed to have done the trick.
And Volume up/down very responsive.

Then closed the device on ST app, went back in, and hardly nothing worked.
I know this is supposed to be for the Soundbar as opposed to the R type speakers, although I was under the impression, basically all the commands are mostly supported (with obvious omissions between the types). But the base commands should be fine? Volume, Presets etc?

Issues I’ve noticed.

  • When I press the preset button No. 1 (Which says “Chill Radio”) once pressed it updates and states “PRESET1” instead of the name (as it did before I press it). If I refresh, it shows the name again.

  • I’m not sure if its my WiFi, but the commands to the speaker are somewhat crazy, severe delays. Or it could be me pressing too many things? So I left it to settle and then tried increasing the volume. It took a long while before it actually took effect.

I’m not sure of what value the below adds as I pressed the buttons minutes before. But if theres anything I can do to help, please ask away,

Also, \I dont see any option to change the equalizer, but it is showing that I changed something?


Dave, I also noticed that the ST status page is still showing “Degraded Performance” for Device Control, so I have no idea if the above is accurate. Sadly, its been showing the same status for a few days now (both UK and US). So I am guessing a pinch of salt is required :frowning:

I have been having the same problem. And it makes the commands not work properly (i.e., the return methods are delayed and not always parsed). I forgot to update instruction to run preferences. It activates some new variables.

Testing was on a R1 as well as a soundbar. I am transitioning to support either automatically!.

Just ran. Full of errors. ST Platform is delaying commands and failing to parse returns because of the delay. They are blocked somewhere.

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Equalizer. Not any messages at this time. I should probably include. I liked the way it worked on my two systems. I added a Preset and the system automatically included it in the list.

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It did select the equalizer, and in the Logs I could see it was updated, on each press (albeit eventually).
But, when it was responsive the volume changed up/down with no issues, this is fantastic! Thanks to the recent change of not having to select “done” on the slider, it was changing the volume with each and corresponded in the logs (until it then lagged). I’ve also noticed the lag on almost all my devices of late, so I know its not your great DTH :+1:

Actually to all. The Device Handler has been updated.

Good news: Preset Management has been added. See below description.

Adding Presets
a. Have the desired channel or playlist playing on speaker (See instructions for limitations).
b. Press a “vacant” preset tile.
c. Press the tile again within 10 seconds
d. If you do not press in 10 seconds, the tile will revert to "vacant"
Deleting Presets
a. Press the Delete Preset tile.
b. Press the preset you wish to delete.
c. Press the Delete Preset tile again.
d. There are 10 second timeouts between any tile press.

Due to Preset Management, the Devices must be removed and re-installed. It took me 5 -6 minutes to add back 8 presets.

Errors: Still having problems on testing with the SmartThings environment not passing data to the Device Handler. Usually on busy times. I have tried to mitigate these as much as possible.

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Next step is to ADD pre-defined Groups. Would like feedback on method:

a. User would set up group or surround in the Multi-Room app, including tuning the levels for surround / stereo.

b. While playing (using the device handler for the controlling speaker), user would select pre-defined button, similar to defining presets.

c. Each preset would be an on-off type function. Blue when on, white when off. When turning on a preset, I would check for the status of the other preset and change accordingly.

d. An option will be enabled to set a time-limit for a group. The default would be not time-limit. (I might also add a time-out option for playing preset music. reduce risk of over-use of stream.)

e Delete function would be available ala the preset delete.

Feature: You would not need device handlers for the satellite speakers, unless you use them also in stand alone mode. You could also use different speakers for the controlling speaker.

There would be two user-definable groups (enough???).


  1. Is two user definable groups enough?
  2. Time-out function desired?
  3. Do you want volume sliders for each speaker in the group on the device page (ala the multiroom app surround interface)? How many speakers is enough for this?
  4. Any other desired functions?

3 or 4 groups would be nice (I have upstair, downstairs, all groups), time out would be nice as well if not too much to implement, sliders for each speaker would be awesome as well. So really all features would be appreciated but I would say if I were to rank them it would 1 (individual sliders), 2 (3 to 4 groups), 3 (timeout) in order of importance to me. I have no idea the effort it takes for pulling this off so even if its only 2 groups to start that’s better than nothing, beggars can’t be choosers :slight_smile:

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You are not beggars. You give me the ideas that keep me busy and using this old brain.

Once I do one of each group type, adding is a cut, paste, and change the number. Very easy. Same is true for sliders. Real issue is how long the display will end up.

Sliders: I am thinking master in the vol for the main device, then individual for the remaining speakers as sliders. Initially, will support groups up to three speakers in a single group, and three groups. That would add four three at the bottom of the interface. When UI is done, I may add group 4 or an additional volume slider group.

THANKS for the comments!

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@Gutheinz I like the idea of the master volume on the main device and then under each device having the individual sliders, that should keep the main device page from getting too unwieldy. Groups up to 3 speakers would work fine for me but I only have 3 speakers :). 3 groups would be sufficient to start. Regarding timeout I may be in the minority but the more I think about it I don’t really see it as necessary from the start.


I agree with @bjthomas09 regarding the volume, that would be pretty awesome. The one thing the app seems to struggle with is, if you use the master slider the rest increase/decrease but only at the current volume they’re at. Probably a bug?

You’ve done more with these speakers than Samsung have in years Dave, what you’ve done is pretty awesome!!

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Thanks for the feedback. I know for a fact that there is a bug in the PC version. I am currently grouping my two speakers and soundbars to determine how they match volumes in both group and surround modes. I should be able to duplicate their methods, and will report back if I think they are questionable.