[DEPRECATED THREAD] webCoRE design process


No problem at all. Just a big thankyou to you and all the hidden minions helping!

Congratulations on reaching Beta status. You have an incredible app.

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Why have all posts stopped? Is there a new thread?

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I am new to this, i have install both under my device handlers
What else i should do for next? How to get the OAuth?

You need to install in the ‘my smartapps’ section not the device handler section

check out the wiki here

I have 5 RF plugs I added to smartthings using RM Pro. I want to create a piston which lets me turn off the plugs automatically after they have been on for 30 mins. I can do a seperate piston for each one, but want to know if I can do something like below? Would this work if I turn on multiple plugs?

You might have to make he IF run Asynch or the WITH else you might be stuck waiting for 30 mins and not catch anpther plug turning on… but I defer to @ady624 to confirm if so and which one… :slight_smile:

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Find TSP in the action’s advanced settings, set TSP to Allow and TCP to Never cancel. Or use a condition “any of these devices IS on” then you don’t need the TCP Never cancel


Is this my error? Getting this after 09b on my chrome on iPhone…goes past it if I click ok…

Looks like this is working now no more errors and my global variables are fixed too after 09b thanks @ady624

Thanks Kevin and Ady. I have now updated the piston as per the wiki instructions. I have similar pistons setup without a wait. Do I need to update TSP and TCP for these or is it only for pistons with wait? They as as below.

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TSP and TCP are meaningless when there are no waits, so no, you do not have to

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Thanks Ady.

Quick question about WebCore since I have to program it from https://dashboard.webcore.co/. Are all my events being run locally on the ST Hub or are they all being sent to this server somewhere? If my Internet is offline will my pistons still run or am I reliant on the developer of WebCore keeping servers online to do all piston logic?

Also quick feedback, it would be awesome if we had categories on the dashboard, unless I’m just not seeing them. Makes it easier to lump pistons into security, lighting, notifications, groups like that.

Thanks, so just to clarify if I have a piston that says “At midnight, if house is in Vacation mode, automatically lock all the doors (in case my neighbour who is feeding my pets forgets to which is often).” and then at 11:50pm my cable Internet goes down until 8am, my doors could potentially be unlocked all night until 8am? Or same with my event “If the door is locked with user code 2, arm the DSC alarm automatically” but the Internet goes down at that time, my alarm would sit disabled?

Do people use LTE or something as a secondary connection then for redundancy?

Nothing will happen if you do not have access to the internet. So yes potentially your house could be unlocked all night, just as if the neighbor didn’t lock it. Same for not disarming your alarm.

I haven’t heard of anyone using LTE as backup. I don’t have critical things reliant on this system. If it goes down then I deal with having to turn on my lights the old way until it is back up.

There have been a few discussions on this. Use a router with 4G/LTE SIM so you have dual wan. Can be expensive, or really expensive. Unless you can get service with one of the “free” providers. But these generally aren’t 60 dollar routers either. There are more complex ways to do it cheaply but a search should reveal more.