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We have drag and drop now, enable it in the toolbar (in edit mode), up/down arrow. You’ll the drag handle on the side of the code.

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Got it! (+)

Also, try and remember, if possible: red means stop, green means go. None means sleep.

Is there any way to get a notification of a device goes offline

or… is there a way to make a device appear “off” if offline (for bulbs that get turned offline/off from a dumb wall switch).

You could try $status I believe but I remember ady624 posted it’s not reliable to use if I’m reading that conversation right.

Something to remember is this section is for posting examples of pistons only, everyone really should be posting here for questions:


A very simple piston that sets tiles and a piston state showing today’s sunrise and sunset. The piston state changes from ‘is’ to ‘was’ as sunrise and sunrise times are passed. I am sure the pros in here could make this slicker.

If you use it remember to put it in a piston category that shows tiles and details.


Here are a couple Pistons for setting LEVEL and COLOR TEMPERATURE (Kelvin) variables I use to control my Lifx bulbs. I have both of these variables update whenever the illuminance reading on my multisensor changes. You can then have a separate piston feed these variables to the lights. I have a third piston that turns on lights based on motion or door contacts. If the lights are already on, their level and color temperature are updated every 5 minutes (frequency of my multi sensor updates). The result is the color temperature changing automatically throughout the day, reaching it’s coolest temperature at solar noon (midpoint between sunrise and sunset), and warmest at sunrise/sunset, as well as the level (brightness) fluctuating based on ambient light in the room.

set KLow and KHigh to be the Low and High Kelvin values you want the lights to change between throughout the day.

set the luxm value to be the illuminance value above which you want the lights to turn off.


I figured I’d post this because, while others have already posted their own weather related Pistons, what I wanted to showcase is just how smart the ST platform can be to make the right announcement based on the current situation.

The job of these groups of Pistons is to play a message when the door is opened. Depending on if you’re entering or leaving it will prioritize either welcoming that specific person/s home, let you know if it’s currently raining, if there will be a chance of rain or if you need to bundle up for really cold temperatures

I’d like a bit of advice as I’m new to WebCore. What I want is someway of notifying when the dryer has finished, as the cycle has a number of times when power drops using the usual laundry monitor apps isn’t working. I need to be able to add a delay to the notification or possibly do something in WebCore?

This thread is for people to post examples of their pistons so others can copy or get ideas from.
Have a search for the thread for getting assistance with WebCoRE pistons.

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This should work. It will have to run through one round of notifications first. You can tweak the times based on your individual cycle times. Make sure to set both push notifications execution policies to condition state.

@James_Watts I try to import your Piston to take a closer look and there a problem with it. can you repost it, thanks.

If you tried to import using the red box in webcore I do not think it works.
You need to use the orange box & enter the code 5jty
then click create

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Actually, that was a non-anonymized snapshot, which might have something to do with it. Here’s the anonymized version. You need to make two vritual switches for the washer and dryer.

“Outlet 3” = Washer outlet
“Switch 12” = Washer virtual switch
“Dimmer 6” = Dryer outlet
“Switch 3” = Dryer virtual switch
“Contact Sensor 6” = Dryer door contact


@James_Watts What devices are you using to monitor wattage? Is your dryer running on gas? My Dryer is electric, so 30A at 240v. Not sure I’d feel safe pluging an add-on device on it…

Electric… I’m using two aeotec smart switches. They seem to be able to handle it, but you might check the manual for 240. I know they have protection though.

Just getting my feet wet with simple logic.

When the Ring Doorbell senses motion, send push notification to me and turn on the dining room lights for 5 min.

It just got triggered, but I didn’t get the notification. The android phone is mine and was listed in the Devices.

I added 2 contacts in Smartthings, and added the SMS and Push to the WebCore smart app.


Just use one ‘with’.
Delete the top one and in the second one, put in your send push etc.
You don’t need to specify your android.
It will send a notification to all phones on your account by default.
(PS. You should really post this in the ’ getting peer assistance thread@ as this is for people to share their working pistons as examples to other people).

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What if I want to send it to just me?