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Night mode piston with LIFX scenes activated for my outside lights to annoy my neighbors after 10pm.

I encourage this thread to keep growing. Even if they are really simple pistons, please keep sharing.!!

Hey all,

Yes, keep this thread going BUT be safe about it

Adrian coded in the BIG RED BANNER for a reason. Do not share pistons that you capture with the red camera

Use the green camera and share away

Green means good
RED means danger


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The pistons that I posted with the red banner did not share any personal information. It was necessary to post them with the red banner to explain the piston.

While this was true it is no longer a danger anymore. Before you could corrupt a backup of someone’s but now that it is hosted on his server he has blocked that threat.

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I love coming to this thread and getting inspired… Thanks @eric182 for sharing.

@Andy_Armijo this isn’t the right thread for help… we want this one to purely put up examples of good pistons. Please can you delete from here and repost it at [DEPRECATED Thread: visit community.webcore.co for assistance] webCoRE - Piston Design Help (ask your fellow members for assistance)

Piston which after a few attempts to turn on a device sends a notification that it has failed to activate the device. (It was born from the problems I have with my system not being able to control devices reliably.) Many thanks to @eibyer for his help setting up the piston.

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It can get quite cold during the winter where I live (Northern Sweden), I installed a Nano Switch to control the outdoor outlet where i plug in our car’s engine heater cable. I also modified the Z-wave metering DH so i can enter a departure time in it’s settings, see image further down. It’s attribute (the time in format XX:XX) is monitored for change in the piston (Outlet 1’s ‘image’), I could not find a way of accessing a custom attribute in an expression so i set a image capture capability for the departure time, and passed the departure time as the ‘image’ attribute.

So you set a departure time in the tile settings, the piston turns on the outlet in X minutes before departure depending on how cold it is at the exact moment with a ‘For loop’. The temperature measurement device in my piston is the ‘Power meter 1’, don’t ask. If it’s -22C, it heats the car for 4 hours, if its only -5C it heats it for 2 hours. and so on. Only if its colder than +10C.

If you set the departure time closer than 4 hours from the time you set it, it adapts and turns on if necessary. It allows you to be departuring late up until 2 hours, then it turns the outlet off. it also send you a notification with how long the heater has been on when you are leaving, or if it wasn’t cold enough. Also if you are leaving the next morning, it checks the evening before if you remembered to plug in the power cord and reminds you if you didn’t.

The DH with settings for departure time:


Are these pistons able to be imported to my WebCore?


  1. Create new Piston
  2. Restore piston using backup code
  3. Enter the backup code shown in the screen shots for the piston you want to import
  4. Select the devices to make the piston match your needs

Man, this is awesome, have it imported and it is showing the info on the dashboard, thanks, really appreciate, now I have to figure out how to do this on the rest.

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OMG, I nearly spit out my Coke Zero while reading some of your push notifications. Thanks for sharing!

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Any examples of how to use $weather?
“06/14/2017 - Added support for $weather and external execution of pistons”

Me too, I spilled my Diet Water onto the keyboard… :smiley:

Your keyboard should be ok if it was diet.


Does anyone have a good example of a piston to turn a light on in a closet when the door opens and closes? I have ordered a door sensor so I’m just waiting for it to come. I want to do the following (the door is always closed when no one is in the room):

User opens the door and goes into the room.
Door closes.
Light goes on.
User does what is needed in the room.
Door opens for user to come out of the room.
Light goes off.

The key part is the light stays on while the user is in the room with the door shut.

Thanks in advance

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I can’t figure how to do it without a 2nd device. Other than a timed event.

Edit. I have an idea


@tommyincville that looks great. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. I have created a virtual switch ready for when the door sensor arrives just in case I needed to go down that road but the variable should work nicely.
Will let you know how well the piston gets on when the sensor arrives.

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Here is an updated version of my Laundry Monitor


  • Notifications are now formatted properly.
  • Switched all variables from Global to Local.
  • All of the count logic is contained in the single piston.