[DEPRECATED] Tado Cooling Integration

I’d been after one myself so ended up putting a basic one together. It is still work in progress with the following limitations:

  • Uses Tado’s Private API accessible from their website so they could change it or disable access any time.
  • Only read-only access at the moment to various stats from your Tado account.
  • As I just have access to my own Tado device which is only used for heating in the UK (temperatures in Celsius and no air con)
  • Don’t have access to an iOS device so only been tested on the Android mobile app.

Here is the custom device type I created. You’ll need to create a new device based on this and fill in your Tado account details in the preferences section.

cool thanks for your help, i will try to work on the Tado Cooling integration and post back my results. i am getting slightly more confident having created a reliable Door Knocker with Sonos custom message that is working well with so far no false positives. but Device types are a whole new thing for me to look at :smile:

Thanks you are a gentleman and a scholar.


Stuart Buchanan

So i have created a new device type for the Tado AC Control if anyone is interested. I do not have currently Github integration due to the OAuth issue for us UK users, but here is the code of the device type, this works well.

Ian i have also been testing the implementation of sending temp changes and Mode statuses via put requests, i have had pretty good results for both the Tado Heating & Cooling products. I will add these into the code as soon as i can figure out the control options on the multi attribute tile.

here is what it looks like

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Nice work Ian, works well on mine - are you planning on adding the ability to set temperature (and/or hot water :-))


Thanks @xnetdude, I’ll be adding the set temperature but not sure about the hot water as I don’t have that setup on mine either.

Good job @Fuzzyligic, though I’m not sure how far you will get with multiattribute tile in the short-term. The reason I put it into lighting mode was that it seems to have a few bugs and ST appear to be still working on it. Hopefully it will change soon. (multiAttributeTiles in Android?)

Regarding Github integration, I’ve created a second account on the ST US servers purely for messing about with OAuth stuff. If you log out of the mobile app you should be able to create a US based account using a second email address. You can’t access your hub but you can use the IDE and simulator without problems. It was also handy for working out workarounds for smart apps which required OAuth access.

thanks for the advice. As I said my smarthings hub is only just over a week old so have been doing lots of reading up on the IDE, groovy is very new me, not liking how flaky some of the stuff is on smarthings. But there’s just not a viable alternative for me yet. I am using openhab for a lot of other stuff though like my voip telephones etc…just need the oauth and IFTTT fixed to get them to collaborate.

As for the water heating, I have that on my boiler so can look into it if you want when I get a moment. Then I think a smartapp to tie the two devices together if someone has both might be the next move?

@Fuzzyligic - I have the tado for heating and hot water but planning on adding another tado for underfloor heating and also for aircon so would be interested in a combined app.

I have had ST for 24 hours and have been looking at adding the hot water and heating adjustments (am a developer by profession) to the great work previously posted here but happy to stand on the shoulders of other giants :smile:

Side note - the simulator is not working for me currently, anyone else have this issue? (nothing showing on the right-side of the IDE).

I have to say, I am rather liking this ST environment!

ps. Santa is (hopefully) bringing me an Amazon Echo for Christmas which I intend to tie together with ST, Hue and Sonos - reasonably excited!

well a developer is what we need. I just pretend to do development. I’m an infrastructure monitoring consultant, my development experience is limited to getting values from things mostly using powershell or perl scripts…in that sense using smartthings is similar. But that’s the beauty of the system, contribute, collaborate and share.
I’m impressed enough with the platform, but it is buggy, scheduling is a particular issue. That’s making me stick with openhab for a fair amount of stuff

@Fuzzyligic will this work in the US? I have the US Tado Smart AC control? Your device type looks good.

As far as i am aware Tado don’t have different servers for different regions, and since the the device type doesn use OAuth in smartthings then i would say yes it should be compatible.

@Fuzzyligic do you know what this mean?

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script14498664789421477189999.groovy: 81: unexpected token: ACMode @ line 81, column 5. def ACMode def ACFanSpeed def setPointTemp if (resp.data.acSetting.power == “OFF”){ ACMode = “OFF” log.debug("Read ACMode: " + ACMode) ACFanSpeed = “OFF” log.debug("Read acFanSpeed: " + ACFanSpeed) setPointTemp = “0” log.debug("Read setPointTemp: " + setPointTemp) } else if (resp.data.acSetting.power == “ON”){ ACMode = resp.data.acSetting.mode log.debug("Read ACMode: " + ACMode) ACFanSpeed = resp.data.acSetting.fanSpeed log.debug("Read acFanSpeed: " + ACFanSpeed) setPointTemp = Math.round(resp.data.acSetting.temperature.celsius) log.debug("Read setPointTemp: " + setPointTemp) } sendEvent(name: ‘ACFanSpeed’, value: ACFanSpeed) log.debug(“Send ACFanSpeed Event Fired”) sendEvent(name: ‘ACMode’, value: ACMode) log.debug(“Send ACMode Event Fired”) sendEvent(name: ‘setPointTemp’, value: setPointTemp, unit: temperatureUnit) log.debug(“Send setPointTemp Event Fired”) }else if(resp.status == 201){ log.debug(“Something was created/updated”) } ^ 1 error

Error when I created a device type?

its a copy paste error, to download the source from here

@Fuzzyligic Thanks so much. I got it.

For everyone who may need this in the future, i have created a Github site and uploaded the code there i will again start work on adding controls soon

Hi Stuart,
I have tried downloading from github as per post 17 but I am getting the following error.
Any ideas???

No signature of method: script14527166372241059700955.metadata() is
applicable for argument types:
(script14527166372241059700955$_run_closure2) values:
Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(),
setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

is this error when you try at device type? If so you confirm that you copied the code the raw page on github, its known there’s copy paste errors if you don’t.

Yes I went to the github site here:-
When I cut and paste it in, then press create, I get this message.

BTW. Yes, I clicked on the raw button to copy the code.

ok I will take a look tomorrow when at my computer, if you are a hurry. Try link further up in this thread as I believe that is still active, and it has been tested