[DEPRECATED] Smartthings + Alexa + Harmony Hub -- 2017 Guide

It should work as harmony is listed as one of the items in the smartthings app, I am waiting for my harmony hub to be delivered from us though

thanks a lot for the answer!

Just from smartthings harmony hub support note

Note: The Logitech Harmony Home Hub is part of SmartThings Labs and has not been officially tested and certified to Work with SmartThings. You can connect it to your SmartThings home, but performance may vary and we will not be able to provide support or assistance

I will try it when I got it though

How would I go by using this setup, to have a Logitech Activity on the remote trigger a specific Routine from the SmartThings side?

Is that even possible?

When using “Login with Google” in the harmony app, the connection step fails with error 403 from Google as the user agent is not supported. I’m aware that this may not be in control of SmartThings, but just a heads up. I had to reset my password and convert it to email-based login with Logitech during the process to allow the connection.

I assume you figured this out by now, but it’s very easy.

Create a virtual switch to act as a proxy for the routine. Then have the Logitech activity turn that switch on.

In the routine itself using the set up wizard in the SmartThings mobile app, set the routine to run automatically when the switch comes on.

If you use the “momentary button tile” for your virtual device then The switch will automatically turn itself off again so it’s ready for the next usage. Otherwise, use smart lighting and set up the power allowance on the simulated switch so it will turn itself off.

Either way, the harmony activity tell smart things to turn on the virtual switch, the virtual switch comes on, the routine starts because the virtual switch came on. :sunglasses:

BTW, you can use the exact same virtual switch to start the routine via echo, Google home, another smart app – – anything which can turn on a switch in smartthings.

Good Day…

First I am hoping this is the right place to post this… Please let me know.

I am new to the Smart Home community and have just started build the network.
I would like to thank anyone who has insight to share ahead of time.

This is what I have so far…
Smartthings Hub
Harmony Hub
Echo Plus
Echo Dot
Phillips Hue Light Bulb
GE In Wall Outlet
TP Kasa plug in outlet
Roku Ultra Hub
Sony TV
Samsung Spectrum Cable DVR box
Spectrum Cable Modem with Built in Wireless
AT&T Digital Life Security System

I have had challenges setting up these devices… Except for the Phillips Light Bulb!
I have created activities in Harmony and they don’t work consistently.
I have linked the Outlet and it does not consistently
I just hooked the Smartthings Hub in last night and now the TV activities don’t seem to be working.
I am trying to convert my wife to this lifestyle but so far she is not impressed.
I had a smart plug from AT&T hooked to a fan and we had to say…
"Alexa, Ask Digital Life to turn on Smart plug 1"
The wife said if she has to have a conversation just to turn on a fan she will flip the switch!
So please Help a rookie upgrade his Life style and get a little “Smarter!”

First, In what Order should I setup the different components?
I am willing to reset the whole system and start from scratch if that would be best!
I actually got the Echo Plus first then the Harmony Hub, then Smart things hub just last night.
There seems to be some conflict, since it seems Harmony stopped working through Alexa.

Second I am thinking of getting my own Cable Modem and wireless router instead of Spectrum’s it seems to drop devices.
I have 100 MBPS service which I would assume would be OK but If I had to AT&T just brought in 1000 to the area.
Also the Location of the Cable Modem is up in the front room instead of centralized, I wanted to plug my Gaming computer directly in instead of through wireless.

I appreciate any insights you could share with me.
Thank you all very much and Happy New Year to All!

Welcome to the community! Here are a few things to consider.

  1. With the Harmony Hub, 95% of the devices controlled are through IR. So, placement of your hub is critical to its success. Make sure that all the devices that are being controlled by it have a clear line of sight (even if the signals are bouncing back from a wall). For instance, I have my living room one setup under my TV and then I use the IR extension (one (or two? I don’t remember) should have come with your hub) to control devices in my media cabinets. The Harmony Hub has IR blasters at 6 points inside its case, so try to make sure that all your devices can be hit by at least one of the blasters.

  2. Personally, I’d absolutely get rid of the Spectrum router and go with your own. Not only will you save money (leasing versus owning), you also have complete control over your local network. The routers you get from ISPs aren’t exactly known for their features and/or reliability. Go with your own and, if possible, place it as far away from your other hubs as possible.

  3. As for the Digital Life components, I’d get different ones. There’s been some work on getting AT&T Digital Life components working natively with ST, but I don’t know what the outcome of that was. Personally, I’d go a different route. Let Digital Life be your security component and then for the smart home stuff, go with brands that work with ST natively. You can usually get the Iris smart plugs on sale (from Lowe’s) for ~$25 with a coupon code. Then, once you do that, you hook that up to your ST hub, name it, and have Alexa discover devices. This will allow you to say “Alexa, turn on the fan” without having to use a skill.

Lastly, I’d HIGHLY recommend reading both Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features) and FAQ: Networking and Reducing Channel interference between WiFi and Zigbee. They both go into much greater detail about networking and devices that work best.

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FYI the echo plus and a ST hub are essentially redundant. The echo plus is a regular echo plus a zigbee coordinator. But your SmartThings hub controls zigbee devices too, and there’s no point in connecting some zigbee devices to one, and some to the other.

Gigabit Ethernet isn’t necessary at all for IoT devices, even 100 Mbps is probably way more than necessary. If your other internet usage habits (like gaming or 4K video streaming) call for it, then go ahead, but don’t worry about any of your home automation devices.

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I need a bit of help with this integration and the roku. I have the integration working well; turning on and off activities as well as working my favorite channels under the TV activity. However, I cannot get Echo to navigate to a Roku channel. AM I missing a channel setup in the Harmony app somewhere that will flow to ST and Echo (similar to setting up favorites channels in Harmony app)?

I may be mistaken, but I believe you have to set up an individual harmony activity for each of the Roku channels. That’s how we do it and it works well, but we’ve had it set up for over a year and there may have been additional features added since then. But we can watch Netflix or crackle or PlayStation view via echo, but we’re doing it by turning on a harmony activity that goes to that Roku channel.

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Thanks for the reply! I actually figured it out as you were typing. I needed to rerun my activity (Watch Roku) on the harmony app. It seems this channel functionality was likely added well after I initially set it up. When I did that, it pulled in all my roku channels and asked for a starting favorite. From their and echo discovery and I am all set.

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Now, if we could only get it to actually navigate within Roku. Opening to a channel is great but doesn’t do much if I cannot move left, right, up, down or hit OK.

Personally, I found that picking up a remote for this is best… If you have to keep going “Alexa, move left” 100 times to get to what you want to watch you will likely lose your mind :smiley:

Do you have the companion remote, or just the app?

I have the remote. and your are correct, it would be mind numbing; however there are a few times cooking in the kitchen where you just want to turn on something . . . . .and your hands are otherwise occupied.

hahaha i guess for that exact moment it would make sense, however i suspect you will be able to turn off the oven, wash your hands and still get to the remote before you’ve cycled enough "Alexa, move left’ to find whatever you are looking for

depends on what it was. I watch sling TV so it would only be two voice commands to turn on my favorite channel.

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I had my Harmony hub connected to my SmartThings hub and sending commands from SmartThings to Harmony and then to devices.
Now I’ve had to migrate to the new SmartThings hub, since support was dropped on my old hub.
I can’t find any documentation anywhere how to make this connection again.
Does this still work?

first- the Harmony smartapp is associated with your location not your hub per-se - so it should still be installed in your location unless you started over with a new location? What happens when you look under smartapps on your mobile device… You’re looking for Logitech Harmony (Connect)

I started with a new location. However, I did for some reason see Harmony SmartApp in the new location, but after I entered the credentials it required, it said it is having problems and disappeared.