[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Is it even possible to disarm the entire system with Core?

System = Sync Module

Yes, check out the first post.

Ok. I guess maybe I was a little confused, because I never actually see the Sync Module in the list of Core items.

Take a look at this Webcore. I am using it to check my cameras on. I just added Turn Monitor On.

So will this work in checking it my monitor is on, and then wait 20 seconds and enable all my cameras if they are off? Am I understanding this correctly?

No, monitorOn/Off controls the sync modules and not the cameras. If you want to control cameras use switch on/off. You don’t use monitorOn/Off on more than one camera at a time, since it controls the sync module connected to that camera.

Arming the sync module and arming the camera are completely different things. Try using the Blink Camera Manager SmartApp of the Backup Routines SmartApp to control individual cameras instead of using CoRE.

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Yes I was attempting to use the Blink Manager, actually I do. But it periodically leaves one camera off…so I was trying to back it up with a Core.

The problem is something is periodically disarming my sync module.

Is it ok to create a Core with a single camera, to enable the monitor if off.

And then have a separate core with all 3 cameras, to turn them on if off…when they are supposed to be on. And run it every half hour?

Try using this SmartApp to check if the routines have failed to arm some cameras:

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I will try this app. Should I have no cores on the cameras then?

Advisable, as you can see it can have unexpected consequences due to configuration errors. CoRE is more of an expert custom configuration and should have safe guards built into the rules when using it (e.g. no loops etc)

Interested in getting the Blink cameras. Is there anyway at all to trigger notifications instantly, rather than after the fact.

I just got my blink system. If integrated with smartthings will I be able to arm my outdoor and indoor cameras seperately or the whole system has to be armed and disarmed?

You can arm them separately. Just keep the system armed.


I just installed the device handler and the smart app. Once I added the Camera Manager in Android, I keep getting invalid password error. I have followed the steps in the OPS in the correct order. I also tried to delete and add the app in my phone again, but I still get the same error. Can you please help?

I am in the UK. Does that make any difference?

@RBoy can you please help me with the problem I posted above?

Anybody having trouble with their Cameras today? Smartthings says Camera unavailable, while blink app works just fine. I closed all apps and windows and it still shows that. This has never been an issue before today.

I refreshed the oauth tokens and deleted/re-installed the smart app. Now I am able to login. But have other issues.

  1. When I click on play on the camera inside smartthings app, I get an error, “There was a problem retrieving the livestream url” or “camera unavailable”. Retstart of router, hub and sync module didn’t work.
  2. [SOLVED: I realised that I just have to turn on/off motion detection.] I have added 2 cameras to the system now. When I arm 1 camera, the other one is automatically armed. I have “Switch interface arms/disarms system instead of camera” set to off which was the default.

Can someone help me resolve these?

Try sending a pm to @maddie, @RBoy’s head of support.


Something must have changed at blink. I am getting “camera unavailable” on the first push of play and then “there was a problen retrieving the live stream url” upon refresh in the video section. @maddie, @RBoy

Yep, getting the same thing. Maybe they cut off access again. It wouldn’t surprise me, Blink are completely and utterly deaf when it comes to SmartThings.

The rest of the integration seems to be working. Cameras are arming/disarming with changes to modes/routines and changes can be made to the individual cameras to include snapshot.

I just checked in the ST app, no issue playing the live stream for me.

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