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[Deprecated as of Apr 8, 2018] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays (Version1)

(Zen) #21

Yes I am thinking it would be only good optionally and for armed home only

(Mark) #22

But then the alarm fails to go off while an intruder and you/your family are in the home…

(Zen) #23

Yes I am more concerned about false alarm in current situation actually I only recently installed a contact sensor in my main entrance while I installed a number of them in other doors/windows for quite a while in additional to motion sensor, by default SHM only care about motion sensor in armed away and I only have the virtual sensor for my main entrance sensor using this smart app

(Arn B) #24

Are you requesting an option for an immediate intrusion alert while in Armed Night/Stay mode? That is doable. The issue is sometimes when in this mode, a known individual arrives and needs some time to disarm the alarm.

One of the conundrums with using the Xfinity/Centralite keypad is it offers 3 armed modes vs 2 in SmartHome, so armed/stay and armed/home are conflated into Night mode

(Mark) #25

No I really like that you developed this smartapp, I haven’t had a chance to install it yet but I might this weekend. I’m definitely in the crowd that has been clamoring for entry/exit delays in Smart Home Monitor for nearly two years now. In my case I would probably still use a short entry delay while my system is armed at night.

I’m suggesting that a feature that would cancel the alarm if a contact sensor opened and closed within a set period of time, completely defeats the purpose of arming a security system, whether or not someone’s home.

(Arn B) #26

I share your concerns about reliability and security, and by design motion sensors are not monitored in SHM Night/Stay mode.

Using Smarthings for home security even without SmartApps and Community defined devices is a tradeoff I’m knowingly taking. Please take a look at the Caveat that was recently added to the release notice at the beginning of this thread.

I would enjoy deprecating this app because ST added exitdelay and entrydelay to SH.

(Arn B) #27

I agree!!!

(Arn B) #28

[Update Released]

  • You may choose between using unique or non unique (one) simulated contact sensors.
    When creating a delay profile with non-unique simulated sensors, a notice is issued that can be ignored. Since SmartHome uses the name of this device for it’s intrusion message, you may have the app send an optional intrusion alert message with the name of the open sensor. This adds two inputs controls on the parent app.

  • Fixed a bug with the Open Door Monitor at arming caused by changing from Multiple to Single devices on the input definition.

(Ray) #29

Just a bug report. The ST multi sensor with DTH smartsense multi or smartsense multi sensor does not work. Pressing next doesn’t bring me to the next screen.

(Arn B) #30

Thank you for trying the app. My apologies for the issue.

The app tests “Manufacturer” and “Model” for null and when both are true assumes it is a simulated device.

Forgive me, I am unfamiliar with this device and need some additional information. Please go to the IDE, My Devices, click on the device, Please send the data for “Type”, and “Data” Manufacturer and Model. If possible a screen shot of the device data would be most helpful. If it is community created please include a link to the Release notice,
Thank You
Arn B.

(Ray) #31

Thank you for making this SmartApp! Here are the Screenshot_20170809-103001 of the device. You don’t see the manufacturer under data because this device is a SmartThings device. I think that’s why it’s missing the manufacturer name. I see it with my other non ST devices.

(Arn B) #32

Module SHM Delay Child was changed to include an additional test for the presence of a battery. Simulated devices don’t have a battery, at least in my universe.

Please update SHM Delay Child, retry and kindly let me know the result. The updated current version is v1.0.7a

Arn B

(Ray) #33

Updated and working great. Thank you.

(John C) #34

OTOH, it is not one I am willing to make! Unfortunately, that means I still have my lame ADT security system…

Everyone needs to make an intelligent, informed decision based on their own use cases :sunglasses:

Smart Alarm Updates
(Arn B) #35

I started without any security system. For me Smartthings is a good compromise, but if I needed rock solid security, I would install a wired, monitored system.

(Ray) #36

Sorry for more noob question. I have motion sensors at every door. How do I set delay to the motion sensor at the door as well? Currently it’s only support contact sensor.

(Arn B) #37

Your setup with a motion sensor that “sees” the door or keypad area is something I thought about when developing this app, realizing it could be a problem. With motion sensors being critical local backup in case of an internet outage, my suggestion is to relocate the motion sensor

(Josh Gruberman) #38

Hello, I currently use SmartAlarm but it’s no longer supported. What I want to happen is be able to arm the home alarm via mobile device presence, and then when I return and unlock the front door via TouchPad a delay happens and allows me to disarm the system by Lowes Iris keypad without the alarm going off right when I walk in the door(current behavior).

Is this possible with this, or even better… The system disarm with successful keypad passcode input?

(Ray) #39

This SmartApp is to set delay for the contact sensors that SHM doesn’t have. It’s not a full alarm system but with this, SHM and lock code manager. I have exactly what you described above. So yes, it’s doable.

(Arn B) #40

[Update Released]

Changed the global defaults and updated the documentation

You may choose between using unique or non unique (one) simulated contact sensors.
The default is now: use a single (non-unique) simulated sensor.

Since SmartHome uses the name of the simulated sensor device for it’s intrusion message, by default the app creates an intrusion alert message with the name of the open sensor. When using unique simulated sensors this mesage may be suppressed.