Delta Faucet with Alexa control at Lowes (July 2022)

Update: looks like the Amazon deal was stock on hand, as it is no longer available for any color.

Lowes does has an exclusive Delta model in this line which lists at a price similar
To the Amazon Prime Day deal. It’s only available in Stainless. Make sure the “activation” method says voice or touchless, they have the nonAlexa models on the same page.

For comparison, here’s the Amazon link.

We just had ours installed this week. Works great, everybody loves it. I’m the only one using voice, everybody else is using touch, but that’s fine.

You could get some SmartThings integration through Alexa routines, but
I’m not sure what you’d use it for except maybe to use a remote command to fill a cat bowl if you were going to get home late. :thinking: But if you have a need for an automation, it is possible that way.

You do have to have an available plug socket under the sink.

For us, the best thing in these times of drought is being able to easily fill a water bottle exactly with no under or overflow.

Anyway, very happy with this purchase.

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for a tap lol
id expect someone to come and turn it on and off for me for that price.

Well, that’s the thing. I’m quadriparetic, use a wheelchair and have limited hand function. I have to pay someone already to do all kinds of things, even just changing the batteries in a device. While it was possible for me to use the old kitchen faucet, it was quite difficult and I frequently didn’t get the water turned off in time, which meant an overflow and then pouring even more out to get the container down to the level where I could pick it up without spilling water all over.

So for me, this is a very practical device, and well worth the money. :heart_eyes:. Because I have a lot of things I’d rather spend my health aides’ paid time on than just filling my water bottles. Just sayin’

Obviously, everyone has their own budget and their own value calculations. Choice is good.


After recently pricing taps of this quality (i did both of my kitchen taps this summer - with dumb faucets) it seems to me you are only paying about $50-100 USD over comparatively priced ‘dumb’ faucets. That’s in line with my expectations of an early adopter price… Expensive yes. But they (Delta) do make good plumbing fixtures.


hi sorry i meant no offence at all, just seems a lot of money for a tap thats all.

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Understood. Different things work for different households. Choice is good. :sunglasses: