Definitive list of 'Things' that will work with UK SmartThings?

New to HA and just bought the Samsung SmartThings starter kit and a couple of extra multi-sensors.
I see that on the US SmartThings/Products page there are significantly more devices that can be addd to the system than the UK section.

What are our options? I’ve heard mention of Mi Home (Xiaomi ?) devices being cheap and good quality but discussions online (granted from around 2015) seem to suggest they don’t stay connected to the ST hub or are problematic?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a definitive list of UK compatible ‘Things’? or can we create one here?

Also - can anyone please explain to me how I can tell which devices that are not on the ‘works with SmartThings’ page are compatible.

Thanks for any advice… looking to add to my system.

There’s no single list. The following should be of help:

The xiaomi devices are for now proving to be as reliable as any Samsung offerings :sunglasses: there’s a thread here with lots of discussion and device handlers for the motion/contact/button/temp&humidity [RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

The orvibo stuff is pretty stable & reliable too. Infact anything that @a4refillpad releases a device handler for will play nicely with smartthings :relaxed:

I’ll add this too because of your ? after xiaomi. ‘Mi Home’ is also a name used by energenie for their products, whilst there are device handlers on here to use them, they use a different protocol not directly supported by smartthings and need their own hub.

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Thank you. I’ll take a read.

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M1key - Thanks - good job you mentioned that… I had thought the Energenie stuff was something to do with Xiaomi!

Has anyone found the following devices which will work on UK ST Hub 2.0?

  1. Glass Break Sensor - not the type which you affix to the actual glass pane… I’m after an acoustic one that will deal with the security of my conservatory

  2. Pet immune motion sensors - I have a small dog.


I haven’t seen an acoustic glass break sensor sold on the UK zwave frequency.

As far as motion sensors with adjustable sensitivity (typically called “pet immune”), the everspring is the easiest to find as both Vesternet and carry it

There are a couple of Chinese ones, one from Sentek and one from Chromagic, but I haven’t seen them offered by European vendors, and personally, I don’t like to buy from AliBaba because the product descriptions are often incorrect and returns are difficult.