Decent music speaker under $75 to pair with Echo Dot?

I need to get a nice gift for someone, and they’d like a music speaker to pair with echo Dot. My budget will go up to $75, although to be honest I prefer to spend around $50. The person mostly listens to classical and indie pop, so I don’t think great bass is a big issue. They also think the music sound on the regular echo is just fine, but not on the dot. :wink:

Any suggestions?

Look at the Sony Xb series of speakers. Selection of colors, scroll down to see the other models available.

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I recommend to get a speaker that connects via cable. When you use the dot to call someone (or someone call you) it will disconnect from the blutooth speaker and revert to the dot speaker… When the speaker is connected via cable it stays connected. The same is true if you ever use the multi-room feature.

If you still decide to get a bluetooth speaker… I got a refurbished Samsung R1 speaker on eBay in original packaging (I know it’s supposed to be a gift) for ~$50 each and the sound was great when connected to the dot.

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