Amazon lightning sale on everything for speaker!

1 hour left. I got one of these for my dad, and they’re awesome. I bought three more (only one possible per color, my father-in-law bought third one for me)

Reviews are not so great. Plus, even at this price adding a dot for $50 makes it equal in price to echo for $80.

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Well, I got my Dots on Amazon for $25 during Christmas, and just got another one for my in-laws from a local Buy/Sell app for $20, so it’s a deal for me. (And for anyone else who already has a Dot :wink: )

portable alexa speaker that does not require button-press is pretty great.

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Tap has had handsfree option for a year.

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These are horrible. I sent mine back already.

I brought this one for the dot and like it very much, as it does a good job.