[DEBUG]Minoston Wallmote

I have created a DTH based on Aeotec Aallmote:

the vid: “723e4bca-47b1-37d3-9d10-ec013d3366cc” is based on “generic-button-4”, I added the following statement after each “alternatives”:

            "key": "pushed_3x",
            "type": "active"
After  I applied the DTH to my device:
 Firstly, in the “main” area, the button “Pressed 3 times” reported a hint when pressed(APP can not restart abnormally), hint as picture show below:


Secondly, in the four child button’s area, APP will restart abnormally after any button is pressed.
The interface display achieves the expected effec. But after the button is clicked, there is either a prompt or an abnormal restart.

I don’t know why there are so many errors. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

What do you mean by this? The device presentation is generated using Button capability’s presentation and pushed_3x is one of the alternatives included.

This error is present only for the Automation tiles shown in the Detail View, it can be because the supported options are not defined correctly in the presentation. You can see how all the alternatives are still appearing there instead of only "pushed","held","double","pushed_3x".
You have to use both supportedButtonValues and enabledValues in the device-config can help you to trim the list.

Thanks! I found the reason is that when I call the function “addChildDevice”, the child device is not the type that I created.

@nayelyz :
Where can I read the guide about “enabledValues” ?

It’s a property that can be used for the capabilities in the Device-Config. In the API reference, there’s a sample using the thermostatMode capability.