Debating between thermostats

I am debating between the lyric t5, the Honeywell 9000, and the ecobee lite. My main need is geofencing with multiple phones. From my understanding only the lyric t5 will do it natively. I read the ecobee can do it with ifttt and life 360 but it’s spotty and really don’t want all that setup. Which brings me to my only local option the 9000. It doesn’t do it natively. But can I use SmartThings geofence?

I never had much luck with using my Android phone as a presence device with SmartThings. It certainly registered away when I was away. But it regularly registered away when I was home.

Never took the time to determine if the issue is Android or SmartThings, but plenty of comments from iOS users as well so maybe SmartThings.

I do geofencing using the ecobee but I have ST provide the home/away functions. It works great.

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I have tried allot of thermostats and I love the two ecobee3 I have it has helped with temp variables I had in the house greatly.

Do I have to use if than than that and life 360 or will it just use SmartThings presence? For the ecobee? And can the 9000 do it. I can get the 9000 today. And it’s a whopping 40 out.

I had a Honeywell Lyric hooked up for a couple months and was NOT at all impressed with the geo-fencing or integration. . As soon as the testing was done I immediately hooked my Ecobee3 back up. I use the combination of ST Home/Away and Ecobee native settings and it seems to work pretty well. No IFTT or Life360 .

We have the ecobee SmartSi and are also pleased like you with ST’s home/away functions. However we’re using Sean Stryker’s open source device handler instead of the built-in ST device handler.

Ecobee is what I recommend to everyone! It’s the most user friendly and works great with ST. I have 3 sensors that Ecobee offers in my house. They work great and it’s never too hot or too cold in my house. The best part is the WIFE loves it!

I went with the Honeywell because I could pick one up locally. I really didn’t need the sensors. It does look a little tacky, but I could use geofencing and it seems to work pretty well. I work a 12hr rotating shift so scheduling doesn’t matter. I really needed geofencing. Wife like it also so that’s a bonus.

I tried Honeywell, lyric, Zen and ecobee is far better then all!!