Deal - Orvibo sensors

i think that bangood’s having a promotion on the orvibo sensors

motion sensor - 13,50EUR/11,88GBP/

door sensor - 12,60EUR/11,09GBP/13,99USD

RGB Relay - 19,81EUR/17,42GBP/21,99USD

and a few more

@Perks nice find and there are community DTH’s for the motion and door sensors.

Contact Sensor DTH created by @a4refillpad [RELEASE] Orvibo Contact Sensor
Motion Sensor DTH created by @Kriskit [BETA] Orvibo Motion Sensor
RGB Box Thread Orvibo Zigbee RGB Box


Yes, I’ve one motion sensor and two contact sensors that are working fine
I’m not sure but I think that @a4refillpad has done both, at least the contact sensor handler that I’m using was created by him but I know for sure that both exist

Have you tried the rgb relay? I am wanting to get it just don’t know how well it works.

@ Squidward Not me. I’ve only used both Contact and Motion sensors myself. Search the two above threads, there is some reference to the RGB relay, just can not remember exactly what was said.

Sorry no, but i think that @brumster used their relay switch, maybe he can help

Unfortunately didn’t found those zigbee relays in banggood deals

Thanks for the heads up Perks :sunglasses: I would like the contact sensors to drop a bit more myself, they’re not quite as much of a ‘deal’ compared to the motion sensors (looking at previous prices i’ve paid) but still incredible value for money!

My thoughts and experiences with these -

The green light on the motion sensors can be quite distracting/annoying…but also helpful I suppose (for a quick walk round visual device check?) I’ve moved some because they weren’t suitable for the location because of the light…I wouldn’t like to have them all round my house that’s for sure!
When I’ve had issues with these (freezing/unresponsive, not had any false/ghost alerts afaik) it mostly seems to be when i’ve made changes, adding other ‘things’ etc. The less I do with smartthings the more stable they seem :relaxed: (touch wood)

I agree the green motion sensor light can be deemed bright, i have too, one annoys me sometimes and the other doesn’t. It’s basically where I’ve set them.

The motion sensors get stuck every now and then (a couple of months), i push the green button and problem solved. Not a deal breaker for me.

The contact sensor I had 2, one ate batteries the other is still working away happily. There is discussion in the thread on the battery element.

Don’t bother with the RGB unless you intend to spend the time writing the DTH.

Spend your money on the H801, search for the thread created by @erocm1231

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