Orvibo Zigbee RGB Box

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This arrived yesterday. As per norm for orvibo products they seem to be of a high quality. Wiring was straightforward and much less fiddly than my Dresden RGBW controllers. Interestingly, even though it is sold as an RGB controller it appears to also cater for RGBW light strips both the warm and cool variety as it has connections for this and fully documented in the instructions. I was not able to test this with the basic LED strip I purchased separately.

I tried to connect unsuccessfully to the Hue hub. It plain refuses to see the device, unlike my dresden device. So no good if you’re hoping to integrate into the Hue infrastructure for their disco apps etc…

Anyway, it connects fine directly into ST as a “Thing”. I’ve tried a few of the generic device types and it kind of works.
On some DTH it appears to either have an issue with brightness controls or incapable of showing Red. This could be related to my very inexpensive LED strip but I will need to continue experimenting.

Good news is that it connects and I have 80-90% functionality right now.

It looks like this device is ZigBee HA and now ZLL which I believe the hue hub is, that would explain why it wouldn’t see it. What device type handlers did you try? Any from the community?

Nothing from the community yet as it’s very new. I’m looking at modifying one of the generic ones to see if I can get it working better.

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@a4refillpad how are you getting on with this device now? I see you commented in the other thread about it back in May, so just wondering how things have or haven’t progressed?

Is it doing what its ment to do?
Still living without the red :slight_smile:

Is it behaving better than our contact sensors lmao

I started tweaking settings but just ran out if time and there are a lot more things to sort in smartthings. I’m still personally recovering from that farce a few weeks back with his corruption of my huge attack of complex rules. Also have been trying to nail cause of constantly sticking smartthings sensors and working with ST staff on it.
This home automaton lark is a full time job maintenance wise. I’m pretty close to ripping the whole thing out due to complaints from the family. Not in a great place.

@a4refillpad - “This home automaton lark is a full time job maintenance wise”. I totally agree.

In relation to the family complaints…lets not go there…but I feel your pain.

Would you say the rgb relay works well? I’m thinking of getting it with the deal right now.