Orvibo Motion Sensor

Anyone using this, I’m looking for something a little more reliable and possibly sensitive than the terrible ST sensors?

I see it runs on AA batteries so should keep going for longer!


I don’t use it, but SmartThings has added support for it recently.

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Yeah I saw, just want to know if to order 4 of these or 4 of something else (available in the UK)

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I have 2 and not much issue except the motion active light is really bright.

Would there be any issue putting tape over it, I don’t want a light flashing in the corner of my room :slight_smile:

Nice piece of kit. Only issue I have had is the range is pretty poor and the Orvibo odd not seem to repeat through the smart outlet. The one I had that is right next to the hub has been pretty bullet proof.

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I used nail polish to dim down the light.

Pic before nail polish

Pic with nail polish applied.

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Hmm, how poor are we talking on range?

Good idea, I’d probably tape over or de-solder

Maybe 6M as the crow flies and that was also through a 4" internal block wall. I also noticed the Orvibo door sensors drop off at quite close range if no open events occur. Shame really as the DH are good and they pair really easily.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi devices have great range and build quality, but are a PIA to pair. Once paired they work well, but and I am always concerned they will drop off at some point. I’ve been lucky so far though.

Cheers, I’ll order 1 and see how the range is in my house, it’s all stud wall so range will probably be much better!

I thought I would report back my findings on these so far…

Firstly motion is detected as an event rather than a state, so ST sensors remain in the state of “motion” until motion stops, the Orbivo sensors will change to the state of motion for a second, but then return back to no motion immediately, but if motion is still present ~15 seconds later it will trigger again… this doesn’t cause me any issues, but could if you have a very small timing window or rely on current state of the device rather than the events being generated.

The sensor is far more sensitive than the ST sensors, and trigger much earlier! The sensors are setup for a downwards pitch and I assume are meant to be mounted at the top of the wall on the adjustable mounts (also a bonus compared to the ST sensors)… However as the pitch is downwards, I had one on a table at the bottom of some stairs and wouldn’t trigger until later however you can open up the device and rotate the front filter 180 degrees and this will give you an upwards pitch, which is great!

They paired flawlessly!

It runs on 2AA batteries so I imagine life will be much better.

The LED blinks for a fraction of a second on movement and is not too bright, and I don’t expect it will be distracting in my applications, which is good, but there is a “fix” above anyway…

I’m not seeing any issues with range but my house is very good for this anyway.

So in summary, much better than the ST sensors, I bought one to try and then bought another 2 off the back of my experience…

If you are in the UK and probably EU MyMemory sell them, however note that their eBay store sells them for £1 less at the moment!

FYI I just had to replace the batteries in my Orvibo motion sensor as I was starting to get false detections. 27/01/17 to 11/10/2018, 622 days. Not bad compared to the ST ones that now average at about 1/4 of that.

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I was getting a year out of the ST sensors providing they were in a warm place and you could find a battery that worked in them, the battery issue is part of the reason I wanted something else… what a rubbish design!