V1 Hub goes down a few times a day

Hi … I have a V1 Hub that’s been running along quite happily for years now. In the last few months, I notice it going offline for about 5 minutes then coming back online. My internet itself is not going offline so given the short timeframe that it happens, I’m assuming the hub is crashing and rebooting.

It was doing it very infrequently (once a week), but lately seems to do it about 2-3 times a day. Is there anyplace I can look at logs as to why it might be crashing? Aside from resetting it and going around and re-registering the dozen or so devices that I have, is there anything else I can do? The hub itself works fine (besides crashing) so I’d rather not replace it if it’s still supported.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Look at the hub log in the IDE and see what it’s doing…
https://account.smartthings.com/ > My Hubs > List Events

The platform ahs been up and down like a rubber ball the last couple weeks - are you sure it’s not just because of server side maintenance?

And finally - if I were running a v.1 - I’d already be looking for a new hub. That thing hasn’t taken firmware updates for at least two years now. I don’t run gear on my network that cannot take security updates.

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Yeah, no hub events except one sensor that’s been dead for a few years that it complains about not responding. I guess I could remove that. I did just start getting notifications of server side maintenance/firmware updates for V2/V3. It reset twice already this morning making me think that it’s probably not server-side maintenance unless the platform just is really that bad.

Maybe it’s time to just get another one … V3 has been out for a while though. I hate adding to my growing tech-scrap-heap in my basement.

I have a v1 hub as well. Wish I could upgrade without redoing all devices and automations, but it’s a moot point given ST hub is not longer available in the US.

now all our hub v1 problems are over, since they got murdered today. 6 years old…

Push has come to shove.

And sadly - I am in the same boat. Lost EVERYTHING, I have to go and try to re-pair 46 devices (and some I know are bricked - Z wave, since I cannot un-pair from the old hub).

SmartThings just kind of flipped the bird to thousands of consumers. Force a move to a newer hub? OK. But how about moving all my devices and automations for me, rather than punting and just making the consumer to all the work? You have it all - it’s in the cloud and the device.

Seriously disappointed in SmartThings about this - a major kick-in-the-gut that’s probably going to force $400+ in new switches (bricked older Z wave that cannot un-pair), and 10+ hours chasing down devices, opening/moving furniture, and building new automations.

Thanks for very little SmartThings - or should I say, DumbThings.

You can run a z-wave exclusion on each z-wave device from a new hub. If you have a new hub already, in the ST app, go to the Devices section, click on the menu in the upper left of the screen, select All Devices, find and open your hub, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and choose z-wave utIlities. Follow the device manufacturer guide for excluding your devices.