Data aggregation

i need to aggregate simulated events into the database to train an agent, but I was not able to send events from the Smart thing simulator, could anyone help me?

Hi there! Could you give me more details about this, please?
Do you mean that in the device handler simulator you cannot see the logs you printed?

i can see device logs separately, but I want to trace all events in an identical table. I mean I need them sequentially.(events list). i would use them as dataset.

If you’re trying to trace all the events from a device, it would be easier to use the SmartApp SDK as you can run it locally or host it and perform actions in Databases from there.
You can create subscriptions by component or capability. There are also subscriptions to the location modes and devices health (see the endpoint’s document and functions).
When the subscription event is received on its handler, you could send that information to your dataset.

Thank you for spending time with me