Collect logs to external database?

Does anyone know if there is a way for me to log my smart things logs and events to an external database automatically? So that way I can analyze my own data and generate my own analytics?
I prefer it to be real time…in the sense…the logs should be pushed to the external server in real time, not necessarily once a day or something.

I saw some posts, but did not find a concrete answer on this…

If you are looking for something pre-built, @jody.albritton built a web-app called Thing Layer. Apparently people have also been using Grovestreams and some people have been rolling their own.

This is really helpful…Thank you very much. I was not aware that people have already done so much work. So from the look of it, seems like its very much possible to log events to an external database…Now , while its great to have something that’s ready made, I would like to get a better understanding of how its being done? Whether ST would have a problem in doing this? What are the security concerns etc?

@ashutosh1982 What exactly are you looking for? I’m using GrooveStreams and it has been working well. I’ve thought about rolling my own, and just collecting data as well, but it seemed like a lot of work for very little reward.

The more I’ve looked at it, the more I’ve wanted to really just get all of my data available to me in a database, so I can collect it and start doing some analytics and make my usage more efficient.

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What exactly is it? Can you give me some background on this?

Check out this thread about it.

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