Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

I bought that model in Dec. '16 and had the same Wi-Fi issue. I exchanged it for another and it had the same issue. Finally returned it for a refund.

Best Buy now has an updated model, the NS-P10A8100. However, I have no experience with that model. Maybe someone else who has it can chime in.

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So I made my cables for dirt cheap with just a little bit of soldering. I also mounted my tablets for dirt cheap using regular Velcro.

Here’s the part where I got the flat right angle Micro USB Tip:

After disconnecting the Flat Ribbon from the charging receiver, I just needed to find which side was positive and which side was ground:

Since this is for charging only, All I needed was the Vcc and Ground Wire. The flat ribbon cable is coated with plastic so you have to expose the copper.:

I cut the other 2 wires off (White and Green), cut the ribbon cable down the middle (to fully separate for soldering) and tinned both the flat ribbon and Red and Black Wires.

I used 3 pieces of heat shrink tubing. Smaller diameter pieces for the Red Wire (Vcc) and Black Wire (Ground) and one larger diameter to cover the entire connection for a cleaner look.

The rest of the pictures will show the rest:

Considering the tablet already came with the cable, this cost me about $2.00 and about 1 Hour of Labor.


Hi. Im using fully kiosk on a nexus 7 as always dashboard. Worked fine until perhaps 2 weeks ago, after which I now have to relogin every some hours of there has been no activity.
So at least every morning I and every afternoon after work I need to relogin.

Anyone knows what changes or how to make it stay logged in?

Re-login to what? Android? SmartTiles? ActionTiles?

Very sorry, forgot that important part. Relogin to smarttiles running in fully browser

  1. Switch to ActionTiles and your problem is likely solved.

  2. SmartTiles login session length is determined by the SmartThings IDE session cookie, which suddenly depends on the Samsung login information; so it’s a big mystery and out of our hands.

As I dont have much time to learn and setup a new dashboard, I tried a lazy solution.

On my androind tab I use Daydream which activated an app called “Lucid daydram screensaver” which displays family pictures.
And I have Tasker running on it for various purposes.

So I created a Profiles that triggers every hour , and that runs a Task, which

  1. Test if Lucid app is currently running (meaning no body is currently using the dashboard)
  2. If Yes, then load the Fully Kiosk browser app, which automaticalitty reloads the Smarttiles

This has keept my Smarttiles “alive” for 1-1½ weeks now, without having to relogin at any time. So this works for me at the moment. Then purpose I will make the later :slight_smile:

Yessir, I visualize a great solution. Let me know if it’s not been addressed and I sketch it up for you.

check this…color codes

Do you still have this? It’s been a few years, and I wandering if you found this to be sturdy…

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I still have it, but my old tablet died. So will get a new one later this month, Funny the mount is fine but the tablet hosting my dashboard is dead. :wink:

Very cool-short usb cable-where is it actually being powered from?

From the light switch below. My “plan” was to find a recessed 1 gang box and then use an outlet that has usb on it and plug directly into that. However, that proved hard to find but I did manage to “find” something like this…Didn’t use it…


I guess that was my question because I’d like to put tablets up that are powered without having to install new outlets so if I hate the system it’s more reversible without a bunch of recessed outlets half way up my walls.

So how did you power the 5v usb from the light switch and keep it all behind the wall?

Illegally. :rofl::rofl::rofl::man_facepalming:t4:

So before the internet police arrest me, I understand that this is not up to code.


I am using a recessed single gang box by Arlington from Amazon

The mount I am using is from a community member and you can see his stuff HERE (MakesByMike)

There is also a Facebook group that we use and there is a post string he has showing his mounts and others uses. Are you part of the SmartThings Users Group?

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Sorry to revive an old thread - I made my own USB cable by following your procedure - but my Fire HD8 version 6 refuses to charge with it - when I plug it in, I see charging icon for a few seconds and then the charge icon goes away. The same cable works fine powering up a RPI zero W. I read somewhere that you have to short data (green and white cables) - but since slim QI charger doesn’t have these, don’t really see how I could do that. Thanks

Has anyone came up with a way to control ‘Smart Charging’? So as to turn off or on charging based on the battery of the tablet. I will be using a Fire HD 8 or 10, Action tiles, Fully Kiosk.

At some point I’m sure there’ll be an Edge driver for Fully Kiosk devices which will make smart charging easier, in the meantime I use Tasker, when battery is X, send Get Request to webCoRE to do stuff, which prolongs battery life and lessens the chance of expanding/exploading batteries.