MAJOR webCoRE ANNOUNCEMENT: 2000 Community Users & Brand New Dashboard!

( Cosmo) #1


FYI: If you are viewing the Dashboard on your Mobile Phone and using Chrome for example for your browser, if you don’t see the new layout, then goto Options (in your browser) and Request Desktop Site. This will load the new formatted Dashboard.

Nice job guys!

(Robin) #3

Yeah, hard refresh in your browser is required to clear the old cache.

On desktop, hold CTRL whilst clicking the browser refresh button.

On mobile (iOS safari)… go to safari settings in the iPhone settings, and clear website data.

On other mobile browsers… happy hunting lol.

Cloud forces refresh every 3 days so you’ll see the update eventually, whatever you do.

(Ron Talley) #4

Come on! Can this get any better!!!

Awesome job!

(Joel W) #5

Should the dashboard be light gray and non operable, where no switches work?

(Robin) #6

You need to hard refresh to clear out the cache.

(Joel W) #7

I cleared the cache.

(Robin) #8

Oh… that dashboard… it doesn’t exist yet.

(Joel W) #9

OK, I thought that.

(jkp) #10

LOL you may want to reconsider having two items called Dashboard :slight_smile:

(Robin) #11

The real-time ‘tiles’ dashboard will eventually be called Visors… maybe it’s time to rename the button lol.


I have to ask, Why Visors?

(Robin) #13

You’d have to ask @ady624 that one

There’s no guarantee it will ever come to fruition though…


:slight_smile: I anticipate the answer or thoughts behind it.

It has to be something recognizable globally, not just UK. Even as slang, I don’t see that in the US. Just my own thoughts. @ady624 before this becomes final, maybe a public voting to weigh out additional potential titles. :smile:

If the Tiles could be moved around dynamically, they could be called “Dragon Drops” :joy: I’m joking!

(Robin) #15


(Robin) #17

Yup… that’s all there is!

It’s about 1% complete lol

(Robin) #18

Going back to the new webCoRE UI… would love your comments and feedback everyone!!


Thumbs up from me! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Much improved layout. I will play more later for functional elements, but from what I have played with so far, it’s definitely a huge improvement on something that was already pretty great. :grin:

(Hendre) #20

I think it looks fantastic. And I like that we can hide the panel on the left - that leaves a lot more space for viewing piston states.
Maybe you could consider an option which will allow us to hide the count-down timers on the right in the same way?