Dashboard next to light switch - Power source?

I’m hoping to place an old ipod touch on the wall next to a light switch. The ipod will run action tiles. I’m aware that I’ll need to write in a power plug to provide power to the device. I’m hoping to do this from the same wires as the switch. Is that possible? Any recommendations?

Assuming you’re in the US, several brands, most notably Pass and Seymour, make single gang light switches with USB chargers for office buildings. Several community members have used these to provide power for a dashboard in a very straightforward fashion:


Bryant Electric also makes one with a slightly different form factor:


Others have gotten more complicated by building cover boxes or whatever.

You can see what other people have done as far as hardware mounting options for dashboards by using the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, looking at the project reports, and then looking on the “dashboard” list. There’s one long thread that discusses various hardware options, but there are some individual project reports as well: