Need alt options for powering a wall mount tablet

I currently looking for alternative options to power my wall mounted tablet. (I really DONT want a 120V outlet above my keypad even if its recessed/hidden).

Option 1: I currently have a working Vista 20P alarm system with 2 keypads (Amdenco 6139).The keypad is powered from the alarm system (vista 20P). I want to install my tablet direct above my keypad. I was wondering If I could wire a 12v to 5v adapter direct to the working keypad. Please note, Im keeping the keypad working. Im still trying to find what the MAX output amps on this is. I have the supplemental Power attached but IDK if that applies to the keypads or not. I was hoping since this was a popular panel someone might know.

Option 2: I do have a single pole light switch near by and was thinking of an inline 120V to 5v-usb and from the just need a small wire up to the tablet. Anyone have suggest on this way? (or links to these?) I found one. I would like to “hide” the converter(step down transformer) in the gangbox with the switch.


You could use regular in wall 22/2 gauge wire and run it where ever you need and use a 5v1A power supply and plug it in where ever you like.

Since you already have a light switch near the tablet, the best option would be the option that you do not want to do…:grin:

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You can see many examples of what other people have done for powering their control panel projects in the following thread:

If you want even more, or want to look at just one at a time, you can find individual project reports by looking on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, looking down near the bottom of that page for the “project reports“ section , and then choosing the “dashboard“ list. :sunglasses:

Can you share what you’ve found here? I was considering this but did not want to put non-UL certified junk in my wall connected to mains power.