Dashboard Away, Stay, Disarm vs. Routines

What is the difference between the two? As I understand it, routines are what you want to happen when a trigger or event occurs. If that is right then great. Then how do you change what happens when you select Away or Stay or Disarm?

I guess it will take more time to get things setup with my very small system (2 light switches and 1 door sensor) for now

Thanks in advance

This should get you started:

So this was somewhat helpful… however

When I am in the Dashboard, i can easily see which mode has been selected, can’t do that when viewing the routines. Next when I select the Good Night routine which is setup to trigger the nite mode, the system stays in the away mode in the dashboard.

A couple questions
What am I missing?
How do you know what routine is active on the Android app? I can only find that info on the Web app
Should I be controlling my system strictly through routines and not use the dashboard? or is there a way to keep them in sync

Thanks in advance