Danalock z-wave Danalock 125 BTZE

Still no luck, I bought it off ebay so it mght be a US version… Although I bought it off of ebay germany. No reply from Danalock on my question so kind of stumped at the moment. I might try to buy a us zwave stick and see if it connects to that…s

Any alternative ideas are more than wellcome!

There is any description on device?

I’m about to get the danalock v125 for Europe and preorder the keypad…

Any advances in the integration?

Any chances we can get the keypad to also serve as a presence indicator? Input one code, the system knows you’re in, input it twice or a different one, and you’re out…

Just wanted to share my thought on the Danalock.
Im using it now for several months, and it works without any hiccup or disconnect. However, as thetechnogeek already stated, the polling is not really working well. You need to either manually refresh, or use an automated pollig smartapp.

I’d love to have the opportunity to lock the Danalock only to a certain percentage via ZWave, however this seems not possible so far…

Just check the chip inside the lock it will say US or EU.

Hi all,

I am considering buying both a SmartThings Hub & a Danalock 125 BTZE in order to be able to update it when away from home.
As this is new to me, could you explain me what is the “polling”? Also, can somebody confirm that it will be possible to change the lock settings from away via an interface?

Thanks in advance for your input!


@_Fred Polling is basically the refresh of the lock status, with the previous version of the Smartthings app it would usually show the wrong status of the lock, so you would lock it and then almost instantly it would show as unlocked in the app. If you refreshed or after a few hours, it would always show the correct status. I think this has been fixed with the latest version of the app, as now the status for me at least is always correct.

You can lock / unlock from anywhere using the smartphone app as long as you are connected to the internet. You can only update the actual lock settings using the Danalock app via bluetooth.

What do you mean with Smartthings app? An update to the device handler? Or the Smartthings app on your phone?
For me the Danalock still shows the wrong status immediately after locking or unlocking… also the battery status seems not to be reliable…

I noticed after updating the Android App, but this was shortly after a hub update also.

In full disclosure - we haven’t put the UK versions of Danalock through device certification (hence why they are not on https://www.smartthings.com/uk/compatible-products/). The breakdown is somewhere between the polling and DTH, but I am not sure the details. I do not a timeline (and couldn’t tell you if I did) for device certification. In the meantime, there is template code for the DTH available in the IDE that you may have success tinkering with.

My Danalock 125BTZE was working perfectly fine until the recent FW update… now after about 12h the danalock does not respond anymore, and in the live logging, only polling events show up. After restartíng the hub everything works fine again for some hours. Any idea what this is?

I tried and the lock works correct with the default Z-Wave lock device type. State change is displayed immediately in ST app regardelss how is modified: pressing the button on lock, rotating the lock manually or using the key.

Can I ask, are you able to detect when a user unlocks using bluetooth and identify the user with this lock?

Where would I look for this information? There is only one user, me.

It’s confusing but the BTZE is a Bluetooth + EU Z-Wave model, where the BT is Bluetooth only (hence why it works with SmartThings)

Sorry if my question is unclear.
If you unlock using Bluetooth on your phone are there any events in smartthings to indicate who or what has unlocked the door? Could I potentially use this event to identify the user?

Just thought I’d see if there has been any change in this? Did you guys get these issues sorted out? I’m considering picking one up

This DH works with the lock (Z-Wave part) including advanced features like Audio/Notification and AutoLock:

EDIT: See the different models

V2 BTZE: BLE and Z-Wave EU freq (works with ST Hub using EU Freq)
V2 BTZU: BLE and Z-Wave US freq (works with ST Hub using US freq)
V2 BT: BT Bluetooth Smart (no z-wave functionality)

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Thanks @RBoy

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Have you bought Danalock V2. Is the status indeed updated in ST, even if you open it using keys? Does it work reliable for you?