Danalock v3 Zigbee - unsolicited status updates stop until device type changed

I have a strange issue with my Danalock v3 zigbee lock. It works great for a few days, but after a while unsolicited status updates from the lock suddenly stop updating the device in SmartThings. Basically, if I lock or unlock it manually, the status is not reflected in the device status in SmartThings. I can lock and unlock it just fine from SmartThings, but updates don’t flow the other way.

Now for the strange part - if I change the lock’s device type via the IDE to ‘ZigBee Lock’, save, then change it back to ‘ZigBee Lock Without Codes’ then it springs back into life immediately working for a few more days. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern (I had thought it was perhaps linked to a hub reboot, but that’s not the case on the last failure).

The workaround seems to suggest that the problem might exist with SmartThings rather than the lock itself, hence why I’m posting here in the first instance rather than raising this with Danalock support.

Are SmartThings support peeps able to take a look and see what’s going on please? If you do dive in, I noticed the last failure at timestamp “2020-05-22 8:34:33.823 PM BST”, which is when I sent a manual refresh from the ST app because it wasn’t recieving updates from the lock. Events after that show me implementing my device type workaround and then testing to confirm it was working again.

I have the same issue. Did you find a solution for this?

Nope sorry, the only workaround I mentioned is the only way I can find to rectify the problem. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened that often - probably three times since I posted originally.