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Smartthings Hub with Smartlock Danalock, problems


Can someone help me please?

I have a Gateway Samsung SmartThings 2018 with Smarthings classic app

and the Danalock V3 Zigbee EU

The batteries in the Danalock are discharged too fast.

I fear that the gateway interrogates the lock too often and discharges the batteries very quickly. How can I change this?

Best regards


Might check to see if HealthCheck is turned on. Some people have reported that turning it off has solved similar issues.

many thanks. I’ll try that and look for the switch Health Check

First thing to check is whether your lock has the latest firmware installed…
They had battery drain issues in the early firmware version…

Many Thanks. The used firmware of the Danalock is 0.9.6.
This is called current for the Danalock Germany App by Soular GmbH.
But there is also the Danalock App from Poly-Control ApS
the following is displayed: Device version 0.9.6 New firmware 0.11.0
So there is an upate available for this app.
I’m not sure which app I can take.

That’s the one…
(Unless you have been told otherwise with your version of the lock)
I’m running 0.10.3 - haven’t updated to 0.11.0 yet, as i’m not a fan of initial releases (ending on .0) :grin:

Many Thanks. I’ll try it.