Danalock v3 smart lock


I forgot to mention one more possibility with a lock that works in one location but not another…

Sometimes it has to do with the physical installation of the bolt. If the bolt doesn’t quite fit in the door, then the lock may think that it’s jammed. This can cause it to continually try to recalibrate which can both run down the batteries and cause it to ignore messages from the hub.

One way to check this is to take it off of the door and put it right next to the door, on a shelf or on the floor, and just see if then it stops draining the batteries and it starts getting messages correctly.

If it works OK when it’s not physically installed on the door, then you need to look at the mechanism of the slide bolt. You might need to hollow out the hole that the bolt slides into a little bit to fix the problem.

I do think you should go ahead and get the new device from them since it’s going to have a firmware update, but I just wanted to mention this possibility because it might affect the new lock as well.

So with the new lock, when you first get it, put it physically near the door but don’t actually install it and see if it behaves properly.

If it communicates fine when it is next to the door but it hasn’t been installed, but then when you install it you lose communication again, you’ll know you probably also have to do something with the bolt itself. :sunglasses:


Thank you for all your precious informations JD! I will try what you suggested and let you know :grin:


The new danalock v3 with updated firmware arrived and… it works flawlessy now! I even didnt have to pair it moving the smartthings hub near it, i just mounted it, started the pairing process and ST found it using the aeotec syren node near it so no need for a zwave repair also. Now the only problems remaining, probably linked to the device handler, is that the battery keep draining crazy fast ( from 100% to 91% in half a day ), and that sometimes the status of the lock doesnt get updated and remain in “unlocking” or “locking” mode indefinitely until i press “lock” or “unlock” again and then it updates.

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I’ve been seeing the same issue across a variety of devices, are you using an iPhone/iPad, I’ve noticed the ST server serving these devices has been running very slow which often doesn’t update the device state properly. One solution I found was to kill the SmartThings app and restart it. That sometimes helped. The Android app is much more responsive.


No i’m not using any iOS devices and the issue occurs both if i use the st android app or actiontiles, i’ve tried using your DH, and both the zwave lock and danalock official DH in smartthings and it still happens but i noticed that using the danalock st dh instead of yours the battery doesnt seems to drain anymore, but i miight be wrong about it; I hope we can find a solution to the draining though because a lock running for 7 days and then dieing is not very useful :smile:

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No it doesn’t matter which DH you use, they are only interpreters and don’t impact things like battery (some can improve battery life by reducing the amount of polling the platform does it can’t make it worse). It could be due to some apps continuously communicating with the locks (check your device event logs) or the locks being too far from the with with no repeaters in the z-wave mesh. Ideally the lock should be no more than 15-20ft from the z-wave repeater to reliable and efficient operations.

The other reason why the status isn’t updating is that the lock is too far from the hub for a reliable z-wave mesh communication, same as the last point above. Try to add a z-wave repeater between the lock and the hub. Then reboot the hub and do a z-wave repair.


I have an aeotec zwave siren at less then a meter from the lock so i dont think that’s the issue about battery problem, but it seems to be stabilized now so fingers crossed. About the status report could DH be the problem instead? If i use the official ST danalock or zwave lock DH and use the auto lock feature after 30 seconds, the status of the lock gets updated to “locked” but if i use your DH it remains on “unlocked” like if it could not detect that the autolock feature locked it, if i press “lock” again it gets instantly updated to “locked”. Also on ActionTiles panel i have the same behaviour with your DH, and if i try to lock it manually before the 30 secs i can see it changing to locked for 1 sec then changing back to unlocked and if i want to update it to locked status i need to press the button again.

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the DH only translates and relays what the lock is sending to the hub, it doesn’t create statuses. Likely the UI just isn’t updating, try to “pull” the screen down and refresh the UI. The “switch” between lock and unlocked status is a typical symptom of U refresh issues. If you want you can open IDE Live Logging and capture the events from the DH using the AutoLock waiting for about a minute to capture all the messages and PM it to me and I’ll be happy to look into it and confirm what’s going on. Thanks.


Looks like the battery problem its a firmware bug that will be fixed by OTA soon, this is the message i got from danalock’s official support:

Development found one more bug, after the first update which unfortunately is not implemented in your new lock. There will be an OTA update out later, hopeful today. Description how to will be available on Danalock webpage and Danalock Facebook.

We will send you a new set of batteries, when the new batch is in stock.

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There is an app in the AppStore called Danalock Toolbox. Seems like you can do the FW Update through this app as well. Will try it once the new batteries arrive.

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I upgraded the firmware, looks like the battery drain is gone. To upgrade look at the bottom of their webpage.

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@jan @AlmostSerious @cyberrage

Does the status of lock updates in ST when a lock is turned on/off using the key or manually by turning it from inside? Is that also using Zwave lock DH ?

Does this happen immediately or do you have to poll the lock every minute using webCore for instance?

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Uses Z-Wave Lock DH,
The status updated when manually turning it.
It says “Ed Manually” and “Unlocked manually” in the recently tab on my phone. Not sure why it says “Ed Manually” must be a typo in the DH.

This happens immediately, so no poll is needed.

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Do you recommend this lock ? I saw a lot of negative opinions from users using it by Danalock app. It seems to be quite crashy and not reliable.

So i thought about using it with ST not to have to use native Danalock app. Maybe to buy iris keypad, place it outise the door and use it to disarm the alarm and open the lock automatically.

Do you have any issues at all with it? How long does the battery last for you when used with ST.

Thanks in advance for all info !

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After the last firmware update the battery has stayed at 87 for 3 weeks I think. It’s not an issue any more.

It’s been stable for me with the smartthings app, sometimes a bit slow with the status. With the danalock app and remote bridge it is buggy.

I am only using the st app now.

I also set up webcore to lock the door when it closes.

Only thing is if it jammes, it says unknown status.

I would recommend it.

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If you have access to RBoy Apps then check out this device handler. It has specific support for Danalock v3 features beyond the basic the stock device handler:

@cyberrage can probably add more


The danalock v3 is working flawlessly with rboy’s device handler and some webcore pistons for advanced features. The only thing the danalock is missing right now is users/codes integration with the danalock API; I’m not sure at which point @RBoy is with that but it’s possible for sure.

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I’m considering the Danalock V3 and have a (noob) question - hope some can explain:

What would be the benefits of using RBoy’s DH?
I spoke with the Danalock support today, and they told me, that if you setup/pair the lock with the Danalock APP via Bluetooth first, and then afterwards connect the lock to ST via Z-wave, you’ll have all the benefits from both the APP (share keys/access to other users and so on) and ST. (i guess status and maybe battery?)
What am i going to miss, if i just use the standard DH from ST and this way of setting up the lock? :thinking:

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Hello guys, just ordered v3 z_wave , how you pair device ? Ore you use special DH for it?



Hi Guys,

I’m considering Danalock v3 smartlock for a door at home. Situation is that I have a US zwave hub and a European style Lock. Is that an issue? Should I buy US zwave danalock or the lock style itself would differ in US vs Europe ? Also should I buy a zigbee model ? This way I don’t have to worry about US vs EU hub. Danalock v3 has this option. What would be the Pros vs Cons ?