Danalock V3 battery life

Hi Community.
I have a v3 hub and lots of bulps, SmartThings switches smoke alarms, Ikea repeaters and my problem is my danalocks… i have 3. 2 of them works fine but the 3.rd runs out of battery in a week… they are supposed to last for a year witch they do on the other two… But not this one. Tried the usual of removing and sparring again but no work… My theory is that it s being pinged by the hub constantly, but cant tell… Any ideas?

If the lock is using an Edge driver, you can do driver logging from your hub using the ST CLI using the command “smartthings edge:drivers:logcat” to see the activity associated with that driver and device. If not, you’ll need to contact support to have them look at your hub logs.

Thanks, how do I tell if my lock uses edge driver? Is there an other interface than the mobile app to manage my items? Im no expert as you can probably tell :pray:

In the ST App, go to the device panel for the device and select the 3 dot menu. If there is a Driver option in the list, your device is using an Edge driver.

So my option is to chose an other driver?

No, that just tells us that the hub is using an Edge driver vs the legacy DTH. You can download the ST CLI from the link I posted earlier and use the command I referenced to get logging from your hub for the Zigbee lock driver. That will show you the activity for that driver and how often it is occurring.

Thanks, but how do I do that “from my hub” is there another interface than the app?

Yes, the ST CLI link I posted is a command line app that runs on Windows/Mac/Linux that communicates with your hub to log activity. Download it from the link in my earlier post and use the command I referenced. Here is an example of it running in a Linux terminal windows:

bep@debian12:~$ st edge:drivers:logcat --hub-address=
 #   Driver Id                             Name                               
 1   b874bb3e-37ae-4c96-9ea4-65ef9ac1e2e2  Aeotec Door Window Sensor 7 ZWA008 
 2   caabad91-9ac2-4232-b14a-6f451301f1b3  Alexa Multi-Trigger v0.1           
 3   6342be70-6da0-4535-afc1-ff6378d6c650  Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc          
 4   c856a3fd-69ee-4478-a224-d7279b6d978f  bose                               
 5   e67c842f-49a5-4083-95f0-c8137ae3c2f6  Edge Counter Utility V1.1          
 6   e120daf2-8000-4a9d-93fa-653214ce70d1  GE Z-Wave Motion Switch/Dimmer     
 7   5ad2cc83-5503-4040-a98b-b0fc9931b9fe  GE Z-Wave Switch/Dimmer/Fan/Outlet 
 8   dbe192cb-f6a1-4369-a843-d1c42e5c91ba  SamsungAudio                       
 9   c21a6c77-872c-474e-be5b-5f6f11a240ef  Sonos                              
 10  c8d6a4ae-130a-4323-8adc-87d5f6614754  Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock     
 11  0fd9a9a4-8863-4a83-97a7-5a288ff0f5a6  Virtual Devices V2                 
 12  d9c3f8b8-c3c3-4b77-9ddd-01d08102c84b  Wemo                               
 13  038a9312-66c8-4a30-9299-b346d57f28a9  Z-Wave Associator                  
 14  7ca45ba9-7cfe-4547-b752-fe41a0efb848  Z-Wave Device Config Mc            
 15  2575f638-2ebb-429c-91a2-9bff827396a0  Z-Wave Explorer                    
 16  0f206d13-508e-4342-9cbb-937e02489141  Z-Wave Lock                        
 17  59869ce8-ee90-4c26-b465-19b7b071d521  Z-Wave Lock PH BETA                
 18  7824e4db-9ee9-4443-8452-ddc4e4290108  Z-Wave Sensor PH                   
 19  f2e891c6-00cc-446c-9192-8ebda63d9898  Zigbee Switch                      
? Select a driver. (all) 

Oh, thanks im new to terminal use but ill give it a try…

If you need additional assistance, feel free to send me a DM.

That very kind of you, its getting late here in Denmark so ill try and follow your advice tomorrow
Many thanks :wink::+1:


Zwave locks need to have a “beaming repeater” close by, typically within about 3 meters. You can use most inexpensive smart plugs for this. That’s the usual reason for why one lock in a house is using too much battery.

After you add the smart plug, you will need to use a zwave repair in order to get the lock to talk to it directly. Or as long as they are both Z wave plus, you can wait three or four days and they will find each other on their own eventually. :sunglasses:

Thanks, my locks are all zigbee… im now so far that i have downladed the smarthings CLI at gotten it up and running… and it would seem the smartthings zigee lock driver is very active, thus draining the battery of one of the 3 danalocks… any advice

Very active sometimes means it’s almost out of range and so some of the messages are getting lost and it’s having to resend them quite often.

Again, the solution to that is to add an additional repeater, in this case, a zigbee smart plug, 4 or 5 m closer to the next repeater than the lock. The goal is just to reduce the number of re-transmissions required.

Another possibility with a lock is that it doesn’t fit quite right, so it’s sending “jammed“ status messages, but in that case, you should be able to see that in the app. :thinking:

The particular lock is 5 meters away from the hub and have both Zigbee switches, buttons and repeaters within 1-2 meters of its location… i have no jam issue in the danalock app… Can you tell it to only give status at a certain frequency?

This is the log im getting from the danalock app

BLE is Bluetooth Low Energy. Seems like this device is continuously telling you it’s disconnected from something or is trying to disconnect from something. Is that MAC address (35:2A) the lock or something else?

how do I see mac adresses and ID… is there a terminal command?

No, there doesn’t appear to be.

I’d check your phone’s MAC address and see if it’s a match. Since that lock supports Bluetooth and Zigbee/Z-Wave, I’m wondering if something is messed up with the connection to whatever device it was paired with. If I understand correctly, the lock is first paired to your mobile device and then you add it to a Zigbee or Z-Wave network. If that’s the case, perhaps turning off the phone’s Bluetooth and then re-enabling it. Or worst case, delete it from the lock’s app, make sure your phone Bluetooth is cleared of any pairing, and then re-pair the lock to the phone.