Daikin SkyFi compatibility

Hi guys, im building my new house in Perth, Australia and i am considering the SmartThings hub. My question is, since i have already put a downpayment on a 10Kw Daikin Reverse Cycle Central A/C system with the Daikin SkyFi controller to give me control over iPads etc, will the SmartThings hub be able to integrate with the A/C system or its easier i change to a Samsung one while i still can? Please advise. P.S. I went with Daikkn cause of its reputation in the A/C field

Hi, you ever find a solution? Im looking at the same thing.

Hi, nah, unfortunately i hit a brick wall. Its only now that i see your question as i was trying to search the web again for a solution. I think even the Samsung air con don’t work but as long as you have the right thermostat with them, they work. That’s what i think.

Sorry to revive this but i’m looking into the same thing. It’s very hard to find a central reverse cycle system where you can throw an ecobee3 on it instead of the controller that comes with the system. most of them are proprietary…

looks like brivis central heating with evap cooling can be hooked up with ecobee3 which works with smarttings but you need to get an additional controller (search whirlpool forums).

but i really want just a central single system reverse cycle… quite difficult! :frowning:

Ill look into that, but i finally went for a 12KW Daikin system with SkyFi and it took ford and doonan 4 months to try figure out why it would not connect to my home wifi. I had to work directly with Daikin and we finally discovered that the SkyFi did not like characters like $ in passwords. :confused:

wow that is so frustrating!!

so how are you liking it so far? do you know of any plans to open access to skyfi? guessing it has no api. So essentially you can only use their app i’m guessing.

Hey i have been looking at IFTTT for a while and i found this today:

Unfortunately, we are not in the EMEA region :frowning:

I have a feeling we will get something soon. See here:

and IFTTT can integrate with SmartThings. I doubt if SmartThings is in Aus yet anyway.

But i like my Daikin though. Its workng well.

I have emailed the Daikin guys asking for a solution meanwhile. Will update if i get anything worthy from them.

hmm interesting. by daikin online controller i assume it means skyfi.

Smartthings isn’t available here, but you can order them pretty easily. You don’t have one? i’m in melb and have had one for 2 years.

ST can integrate with iFTTT. but it’s not the ideal setup you really want a proper device type setup, but this could use presence from smartthings and other triggers to control cooling/heating so its’ a start!

EDIT: I have reached out to daikin to ask if iffttt australia will be added. Hard to find this out by calling them. The team have no idea about ifttt on skyfi.

If they can set up daikin to work with ifttt… it would be pretty cool. hopefully they’ll open up to creating a device type also

Nah, the Online Controller has its own app…check the apple app store for daikin online controller.

I will play around with it and see if i can use my skyfi to connect to it in some way as the last time i tried it my skyfi was not fully working.

I still have not bought my ST, wanted to wait for the Australia release. So its safe to buy direct from overseas? What do i have to change or watch out for to get it to work at my house? Plugs etc?

you just can’t use z-wave thats all. plugs work, with a basic adaptor (no voltage adaptor is needed on my one).

I’d wait for australian release. Though I have no idea how far off it is. But it is safe to buy. Tho it’s expensive to get motion sensors etc as our dollar sucks right now.

let me know if you get it working via ifttt! it will impact my purchase decision!

are you happy with your central system from daikin tho? i really like the idea of having one system - reverse central heating/cooling!

Its awesome :slight_smile:

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i’m so torn… but i have about 6 months to decide so should be ok. as i’m going to get it installed as part of an extention i’m doign. we shall see!

let me know how you go with ifttt

happy to talk to you more about ST in Australia. i could talk for hours on it.

Ha ha ha, i’ll be in touch :slight_smile:

Here’s the Online Controller btw:


damn i bought this unit and the wifi controller but didnt realise it was locked down on IFTTT to specific regions; did you ever work out how to control it via Smartthings?

They dont have the Australia ST yet :confused:

For those interested looks like there will be a way soon using https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-daikin
plus if anyone wanted to make a plugin native to smart things, the urls and info needed is here https://github.com/ael-code/daikin-control

The commands appear to work with my Daikin which was bought in New Zealand and not part of the EMEA region obviously

Thanks Barry. Ill check it out. Cant wait for ST Australia.

I stumbled on this thread because I’m trying to connect ST -> IFTTT -> Daikin. I’m here with the Daikin app and my Out-of-Home account, which works just fine. I have Smart Things installed and that works great too (I’m in the US). I also have IFTTT working and already integrated with ST. I’m trying to connect IFTTT <-> Daikin and the Daikin auth page is asking for the email associated with my OOH account… but there isn’t one!!

Has anyone succeeded in connecting the Daikin channel? I don’t see a place anywhere in the Daikin ecosystem where I can set an email address… I’d be happy to if given the chance, of course.