I am in the process of planning out my project (and hoping Santa brings me a hub).

Still digging around the developer forums and looking at the interfaces for various connected apps and it seems at first glance “anything is possible” with all the great contributors on here.

I have a number of things i am looking to achieve but one thing i am struggling to find a definitive answer on (apologies if i’m just not searching well enough!).

I have an aircon system that can be controlled via Wifi and IOS/Android app. I have managed to hack the calls the app is using to the controller (advantage air myair - an australian product).

In these calls i can now get zone statuses and house temperature, set zones on and off, set zone percentages etc using REST and simple HTTP calls (i.e switches the complete system on)

So to my question…is it possible to use the smartthings tools to use these calls to get/post to my device and utilise the various other sensors available (i.e turn off a zone when there hasn’t been movement sensed for 10 mins)

Any pointers on my quest gratefully accepted!


I have an extra hub if you’re interested.

Let me know. Save you some $$.

I’m looking for a hub (I’ve been nice). What are you asking for it?

I responded to your post - $75 shipped.

quite interested to see if anyone has gotten this working in smartthings… doesn’t look like it.

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