Daikin Out-of-Home System?

Has anyone managed to connect, either directly or indirectly, their mini-split systems? I’ve got a handful of units all setup with the Daikin Wifi adapters and all successfully paired to the Out-of-Home system (the free Daikin cloud system), which proves everything is working and online nicely.

Unfortunately I’m seeing a lot of confusion about the various Daikin systems and terms, both in general and possibly due to country/region differences (which is super annoying when it comes to the global Internet!). I know there is an IFTTT channel, but from what I can tell it is entirely broken and there’s no support to be found (I’ve been trying for months to get a hold of IFTTT and Daikin both, to the point where I’ve called various service centers in Europe from here in the US while trying to find anyone who can speak about their systems!).

I’m “grasping at straws” here - any help would be fantastic!