CUSTOM SHM rules running in 'Disarmed' State

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Just a quick one, I have set up a custom rule in SHM to voice announce when the front or back door opens. But this seems to run regardless of the armed state (Armed Away/Armed Home/Disarmed) specifically, I was surprised it still ran when SHM was disarmed… this isn’t a problem necessarily, I can use modes to do what I want to do, I’m just checking this is supposed to be the case and that my setup isn’t messed up.


I am a little surprised at this because normally when you create a custom rule it usually asks you when you want this rule to run. Under the “More options” section,where it says “Only when the mode is” you would check Away and Night modes.


I believe that refers to ST modes (Home/Away/Night) which are entirely seperate from SHM armed states (Armed Away/Armed Home/Disramed).

I wasn’t aware you could create a custom rule in SHM.


From my understanding SHM is nothing more than a GUI or front end for the underlying smart app listed as Security when you look at the Rules section. If you delete this smartapp, you will also remove the SHM that you see on the home page of your mobile app. I guess I am not understanding what you did.


In a Custom Rule the mode, “Away,” is the same thing as Armed (Away) in SHM. Night is the same thing as, “Armed (Stay),” and Home is the same thing as ,“Disarmed.”


SHM security arm/disarm states apply only to SHM security alerts.

Custom SHM rules can be restricted to certain modes if you want, but SHM custom alerts will not be affected by your security armed/disarmed state.

SHM armed/disarmed states are not the same thing as hub location modes.


As I suspected/hoped - thanks for confirming.

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I think that’s incorrect Brian, lots of posts all over the forum are saying that modes and armed states are two totally different things.

Yeah, this is not an accurate description. See the thread I linked to.

Let me give some examples,
When I am leaving my home all my inside cameras are linked to SHM. Any motion detected by them or any of my many inside sensors will trigger SHM and I will get an intrusion alert which will turn on some inside lights so that my inside cameras will have better light and start recording videos from all my inside cameras. I get the red warning that an intrusion has been detected and must dismiss it before it will continue. My outside cameras and various sensors are not included in SHM so they never give me an intrusion alert. I control them using custom rules and will get notifications plus video recordings. I have them set up in the rules for both Away and Night modes.
I have sensors outside in my mailbox and above the screen door on my front porch I have a motion detector. These are also not linked to SHM but use custom rules to let me know if someone steps onto my porch and if I receive mail, but I will not get an intrusion alert.
So technically, they may not be the same thing, but they act the same way.


I kinda understand what you’re saying, but SHM armed/disarmed state and location modes really don’t act the same way, and trying to conflate the two is likely to just confuse others.


You’ve given an incredibly convoluted answer to a relatively simple question. But thanks anyway!

SHM Armed States:

  • Armed / Away
  • Armed / Home
  • Disarmed

Location Modes:

  • Away
  • Home
  • Night
  • Additional modes can be added as well

The two sets of values above are two totally separate sets of values and the latter set has nothing to do with SHM.


@samgold, @marktheknife, @WB70
Sorry guys, just trying to understand what the OP was trying to do and offer a solution. I was not trying to start a debate. Maybe I will learn something here.
From my understanding a custom rule will run regardless of the SHM state. So if it were me, I would have a custom rule that said that when the sensor opened only in the Armed or Night mode, the sensor would not send sounds all the time.
If I am wrong let me know. Just saying that is how I would approach the problem.


Thats exactly what I suspected, custom rules operated regardless of ‘armed state’. I just wanted to confirm that with others better equipped/more knowledgeable than myself. The stuff you mentioned about modes threw me off a little. But we’re on the same page. Thanks!

yes… you don’t always want custom rules to be mode specific anyway…
I have custom rules for temps to hot,
and also water leaks, , smoke etc.

You wouldn’t want any of these to be mode related.

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You can use BigTalker to announce and control it via Location Mode. Something like

When SHM mode = Disarmed then Location Mode = Home… Don’t talk
When SHM mode = Armed Home then Location Mode = Night… Talk.