Custom driver for samsung multi-sensor just stopped working?

So I attached a samsung (Smartthings) multi-sensor to my spa cover and wrote a custom driver that reconized the closed, partially open, and open settings. I think I used a blinds template for the GUI (it supported open/closed/partial) and I used the XYZ accelerometers in the multi-sensor with respect to gravity to know the positions. When Smartthings switched driers over to Edge, that device seemed to have been ported over correctly and has been working fine until a few days ago. Now it just shows open and has reverted to just a regular multi-sensor. Any idea what happened, how to troubleshoot what caused the change, or how to get the driver that worked a few days ago back? Any help appreciated.

By the way, here’s where I originally created the driver/tile: Combining two DHT for spa cover needed

Have you checked the battery in the multi sensor ?

Anything created or existing in the old IDE using DTHs is now dead and gone, no longer used, if you got lucky and a new edge driver has auto replaced the old device type correctly, try re on boarding the device after removing it first

I wouldn’t have expected any attempt to have been made to migrate your device from a DTH to a driver until a few days ago and I would have expected it to end up on a driver that treats it as a normal multisensor, because there isn’t really anything else that can be done with it. You created a bespoke handler so the expectation would be for you to have created a bespoke Edge driver to replace it. If not you then who?

Are you sure the device had previously been moved to a driver?

I just know that months back when the edge drivers took over, my spa cover status was working fine. It’s been working fine until a few days ago and now it’s completely broken. It no longer senses xyz position to determine open/close/partial status. It’s also reporting temperature every 5 minutes now, which will kill the battery quicker than I prefer. Just confused since it worked so far beyond the switch to edge drivers! Does edge support the ability for me to do what I had done before? I don’t really know where I’d start in this brave new world…

What is the model number for the sensor?

Below is a list of known devices which will be affected by the migration away from Groovy DTHs to Lua Edge drivers**.** Some devices may lose partial functionality or full functionality within the SmartThings app. These devices may continue to work outside of the SmartThings app.

SmartSense Multi Model STSS-MULT-001
Sensor will continue to function but will no longer work as a “Garage sensor” using a specialized DTH.

The migration process may have started months ago but is still ongoing with the latest phase having started a few days back that involves migrating the remaining devices that are using custom handlers to use Edge drivers. This doesn’t mean Edge drivers that replicate the functionality of the custom handlers, it means the best match available for your device from the stock drivers or any custom Edge drivers that you have installed. The idea is that as the author of a custom handler you would have created an Edge driver to replace it at some stage over the last two years if you wanted to keep the custom behaviour.

OK, got it. I erroneously thought the delayed migration was a successful automatic port over to Edge. Foolish to assume that in hindsight. Anyone care to point me in the direction to write a new custom handler in Edge to do what I had accomplished with Groovy? I am not an expert and will likely need some help from this community to be successful in Edge, just like I did in Groovy!

@Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “Zigbee Contact Mc” Edge Driver works with serveral versions of the ST Multi-Purpose sensor.