Image carouselTile not working in the new app

I migrated to the new app yesterday, and most of my device handlers made it fine, but the one where I implemented image carouselTile did not. How is that supposed to work now? I have a SmartApp/device handler implemented for my security cameras, with a “server“ running Locally at home as a “man-in-the-middle” capturing snapshots and sending them as a bytestream to the app for display in the device handler. Worked fine in the Classic app. Now, I get a tile with a broken “cloud” image, and the “Take” tile is gone. What are we supposed to do to make it work again?

Good news, there’s a path:

Bad/Ugly. Still in beta and we’re all still trying to figure it out.

Summary, you’ll have to understand custom capabilities and capability presentations as documented here: SmartThings Developers | Documentation Use default capabilities and/ or build custom capabilities, Create a presentation, Build a device profile, use the CLI to create a VID and embed that in your DTH.


Send an email to ask them to add an option for carouselTile and video streams from a camera. These were not provided in the new app.


Why do I have a sneaking suspicion they won’t be supported for community devs due to security reasons…

Because the whole platform goes the wrong way… I wouldn’t be surprised if SmartThings would be mentioned on the same page with Wink in the history book. (Under the topic - What not to do with a home automation platform…)

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Yeah, I suspected this much “developer enthusiasm” around the new app, it seems very raw. But since I migrated already and the Classic app shows the “This location has been migrated to the new SmartThings” banner… Is there a known “way back” to the Classic app? Or will Samsung retire the Classic app for real, like their email claims to?

They will retire it. No question.

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Well that’s charming… There’s obviously no better time than now, in the middle of a pandemic with all the impact it’s already having, to make us spend a lot of time to learn an undercooked platform just to try to arrive at feature parity with something that’s been working just fine before (ie, it wasn’t broken for me and I imagine for a lot of other folks. Why fix? This is largely a rhetorical question…)

Unfortunately that’s how it looks now.
Many features will come, but it is late, really, really, really late…

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@RBoy This is odd, because I have a Ring doorbell and the “standard” device handler in the new app shows video from the doorbell just fine. I can even interact with the video. So I wonder what capability it’s using then?

It’s using a custom control developed by SmartThings for Ring. That control is not available for devs on this community (why I don’t know).


Hmm… Given the sorry state the developer kit for the new app is in, I don’t see how they can really sunset the classic app in October (that’s what Samsung email to me said). So with that in mind, I wonder if I can just uninstall the old app and get the classic experience back?? I mean, if they stop updating the mobile app that’s fine by me. Unless Samsung somehow also upgrades the hub to break the current “Classic” functionality, but that just sounds… mean and evil?

I strongly suspect the classic app will stop working shortly after the October date. The reason they’re doing this isnt tonget rid ofnthe app itself l, its to sunset a supporting infrastructure. When they kill Classic theyre good to start removing pieces of the Classic infrastructure and something tells me they wont waste any time on that…


My guess, they will shut down the IDE altogether with the Classic app.

But seeing how things go forward, it might not an immediate event. The UK/EU part of the IDE and the Classic app was still showing event history yesterday when I looked.

It is mostlikely going to be, host your own images for carouselTiles, as they will not do that through AWS.

For streams, that’s going to be interesting…

No they’ve already said the IDE has a tail of another year or so. They haven’t come up with a 100% alternative to the groovy device handlers and doing so would kill newapps ability to service zigbee and ZWave.

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But when they do, surely they won’t release that alternative in alpha 4 months before the cutover, and then have significant portions of its functionality either broken or undocumented 1.5 months out.


Surely not…

(tries not to laugh)


Then what is the legacy infrastructure?

Can you point me to the post where this was mentioned?

The IDE is not being shut down with the classic app. We will continue to use it until we have a replacement for the functionality in the CLI or other tooling. Remember, the IDE like all of our tools is used internally and externally. Right now the focus is on getting a unified API interface on top of which we are building the CLI and SDKs. As things accelerate you can expect more features to be added to these tools over time. Let us know about the gaps and continue providing feedback. It may be hard to see now but once the dust settles a bit you will see that more of the platform is available to developers than there was with groovy.