Quirky Tapt Switch revisited (2020)

Just finally migrating from Wink to SmartThings, not sure what took so long. Be gentle if this has been covered recently, everything I searched dated back to 2017, and basically said Wink had broken the Tapt making it useless in SmartThings. Figured others may be migrating now, and might find this useful.

After trying everything that had been suggested (changing IDE to generic Zigbee Smart Switch, cycling the power, installing the custom device handler), I got desperate and starting trying all the other Generic Handlers.

Turns out, if you use the “Zigbee Multi Switch”, you get 2 devices. One device does nothing discernable, but the other device actually is the on-off controller, and updates quickly and reliably.

I know this is a dinosaur of a device, and most people wont care at all, but if anyone else out there is struggling, here is your answer. Hope this was acceptable and posted to the right area.


Hi Ed;

I just this week migrated my Wink devices to Smartthings Hub v3. Everything moved over except the Tapts. A question for you I don’t know what IDE is?

It seems you had success.



Hi Ed;

Since writing to you last I’ve learned about IDE and now have a basic working knowledge of what it does.


  1. Did you choose the “my device handler” tab?

  2. Did you choose “Zigbee home automation (HA) 3.0” tab

  3. I didn’t see the multi switch option only the switch, or did you pick it from some other section?

Thanks, Mike

Sorry it took so long to respond.

After you add the device, it should show up under My Devices.

Find the device in the list, and click on it. Scroll to the bottom of the details page and click Edit.

You should see a drop down, and you should be able to select Zigbee Multi Switch.

Once you do that, it will create a second device of ‘Child Switch Health’. That is the device you can actually use to control the switch on and off.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need more help.