Custom control panel (SmartThings and OutSystems)

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using a custom control panel for quite some time and realized I had not shared in the community yet, so here it is!

I wanted to have a control panel on the wall with very specific design and features, some of them understandably are way beyond what the ST app allows to achieve (or even other 3rd party tools).

Everything was built using OutSystems, which is used for the frontend and to integrate with SmartThings, SharpTools, Tado, IFTTT and the Weather widget. I wrote an article a while ago explaining a bit more of the details.

Some highlights:

  • Light widgets allow to separately define lists of devices to switch and to set level (because we don’t have access to light groups via API)
  • Supports water, contact and motion sensors
  • My wife doesn’t have to install any app!

If you’d like to know more, let me know :slight_smile:


Took a VERY quick cursory glance, and this looks great.

Getting to some next level automation with integration is a big thing for me. I’m also looking at a way to integrate multi platform, and move away from my SharpTools dashboard.

Looks very interesting

I’ve seen this on Sharptools. The slider custom tile works great.