Custom capability with push notification support?

Can a custom capability generate a push notification?
The standard/existing leak sensor does. The direct connected device I’m working on is a type of leak sensor but the text in the push notification and the text in the detail view does not convey the information we need to present to the user. So I would like to
a) create a push notification for my custom capability.
b) be able to modify the text of the existing leak sensor UI including the push text (especially in Swedish).

I realize that a an automation can be created in the app by the user but this is not good enough for this sensor, it needs to alert the user with a push message by default.


It sounds like you need to use device:emit_event() or device:emit_component_event()? If the capability only accepts certain enumerated values, then a device-config override may be required.

Are you talking about a real SmartThings notification to a phone/tablet? If so, I didn’t even realize that was possible.

Thanks for reply but I don’t understand how this can be used in the C API for a direct connected device (GitHub - SmartThingsCommunity/st-device-sdk-c-ref: SmartThings SDK Reference for Direct Connected Devices for C).

I should have added the Direct connected device context to my question…, sorry.


Yes, we’re thinking in different contexts. We both agree that ‘direct connected’ means no 3rd-party cloud.

I was thinking direct connect to the hub. You’re talking about direct connect to the SmartThings cloud.

We all live in a bubble of sorts. Sorry for the confusion.

Not that I am aware of, no.

I’ve never been clear what generates the Water Sensor notifications - whether it is a custom UI feature of the Water Sensor in the app, a.n.other app feature, or (hopefully) something generated by the backend. Whatever it is, it seems to be something that has been thought to be ‘a good thing’ that just happens.

I’m checking with the team to confirm that this is a special configuration for that type of capability like @orangebucket mentioned.

However, there’s it’s not necessary that you create those notifications, users can configure a routine/automation to receive them.

Yes, I/we are aware of this possibility, i.e. the user configures an alarm. However, our device is a type of leak/water sensor and requiring the user to configure an alarm/notification is not acceptable/satisfactory. Explaining this to the user etc is not a good idea.

We could the use the abstraction of the existing leak sensor but the text of the push message is not applicable/good/relevant, in Swedish the text is really bad. So if the text of the push message could be modified for the leak sensor then we’d be happy.

But defining a separate push message would be even better.


Could you give more details about this point, please? Do you mean that the message’s grammar is wrong or that the message doesn’t provide the necessary/useful information for your device?

For example, using the “SmokeSensor” capability, we receive the following push notification


The Swedish language/grammar for

  • waterSensor
    • Dashboard
    • Detailview
    • Push notification

could be improved

The Swedish language for the “valve” capability could also be improved. One can easily misunderstand the detailview for the valv capability.

I have screen shots that illustrate this, perhaps I could send them, and more details, in an email?


Yes, that would be really helpful, please send them to

Done, i.e I’ve sent an email with attached images with annotations.