Curtains :D

The wife surprised me yesterday by asking if we could have ST-automated curtains in the living room.

Any reason this shouldn’t work?

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Lots of reasons — you have to match the controller to the motor/curtain system.

I prefer the vision/monoprice curtain controller paired with the Dooya 82TE Motor (allows for easy tug open/close).

Dooya seems to be an awesome well built system. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available in the U.S.

Any recommendations for us Yankees?

bump also interested in something here … would require the whole setup as currently it;'s all manual. Suggestions appreciated.

As I understand it there are electric curtain solutions which rely on a switch and feeding the pull-string around its pulley. For that, I think or would then work, I just haven’t found a suitable motor bit :smiley:

HI @codytruscott - do you have a curtain controller setup that plays nicely with Smart Things already installed? I am in the UK and would love to try some known working components. Would you be able to share any more info - where purchased / control methods / thoughts on noise / any requirements of the curtain poles etc?

If you have any video’s or pictures these would also be amazing!


You can order Dooya through AliExpress for US. I got them within 2 weeks of ordering, free shipping!

Hopefully you’ll get a lot of answers.

I did just want to mention that if you find any you like that work with the Logitech Harmony hub, that’s another way to get integration. You can have the harmony control The curtains or blinds in the same way that the remote that comes with them does, but smarthings can talk to harmony. In fact, harmony has an IFTTT channel, so you can also go that way.

This may introduce a little lag, but that’s usually not an issue for window coverings the way it is for lights. People are OK with waiting even 15 or 20 seconds for the curtains to change, where that would typically be unacceptable for lights.

Harmony has a database on their website of everything they work with so you can just look up models there.

I have Swish curtain motors, I used to control them through an X10 unit but now I use a normal ST smart plug.

The motor toggles when an ON signal is sent so I have set up a smartlighting rule to switch the motor off two minutes after an on is sent.

Only downside to these are the cost, because you have to buy the motor and rail together

You could use to switch them, as it looks as though this does exactly that, namely turns off after 2 mins.

I have a curtain motor from Lukes Engineering running on a standard corded curtain track. Its been opening and closing my curtains via their timer interface without issue for over 12 years now.

I have a mind to move it over to SmartThings using either the smart socket of a Fibaro relay.

Who do folks recommend for buying the Dooya motors from, then? Direct from China, or are there other sources nearer the UK?

Watch this space :smiley:

Curtains ordered and arrived.
Rails ordered (Dooya via AliExpress) and on their way from China
Fibraro Z-wave switches ordered and arrived.

Just need to find some nice momentary switches to fit the wall boxes and we’re ready to rock.

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Any reason why you prefer the the monoprice controller over the aeotec lab micro motor controller? I know the monoprice is definitely better on the pockets lol but I thought there would probably be more help on the labs micro over the monoprice (haven’t seen many people using it) as I am currently doing research on going with the DT82TS because it doesn’t have any RF built in like the others and I’m afraid of running into any headaches…