Motorized Curtains with Z-Wave HELP

Hello Everyone,

I am new to z-wave and just thought I would ask on here for help.
I want to get motorized curtains for my living room which is 18ft long. I want a nice install from wall to wall.

I have been looking at the DT82TV, DT82TN, DT52S, but now we have new ones which are KT320, KT82TN, and KT52E…but I have no idea which one is which and what the difference is between any of them.

I am really hoping someone can help me out. I want the ability to have z-wave, as well as being able to manually operate, as well as having a dedicated remote or wall switch.

sucks you havent gotten a reply… i found this post while searching myself.

i’m also looking for a motorized curtain solution for my HTR, I need 18’ of curtain but i’m looking for a tandem system will want to do a two sepoarte 9’ ones that i can adjust independently and controlled with the smartapp PlexPlus

i have this

Check this out