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Good call, forgot all about that. I have one that isn’t in service yet, FCC ID is 2ABWCWS100. FCC OET site says the same as the back of the switch, “Dragon Tech Industrial Limited” - out of Hong Kong. So seems to be a different company, but of course they could be a related manufacturer, I don’t know where Jasco produces their switches.

For a Z-Wave Plus switch the three pack was a good price. I saw on the Z-Wave Alliance site that GE/Jasco has Z-Wave Plus switches that were certified recently but I haven’t seen them available for purchase yet, which is why I went with the Dragon Tech as I wanted to take advantage of the improved range among other things. Couldn’t wait for GE. :grinning:

They’re solid enough switches, but I haven’t seen a color change kit for the paddle yet. All our switches are white so that’s not a problem for us but could be for someone else so thought I’d mention it. Using an Aux switch in a three-way circuit doesn’t get the status change reported back to the Hub just like the GE/Jasco switches so there’s that as well, but the periodic poll/refresh gets it sooner or later. I imagine that’s due to them not paying the Lutron patent royalty if I understand that situation correctly.

Still they’ve been a solid switch, we’re happy with them.

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I think Amazon has some kind of a deal for Schlage Camelot locks if sold by Amazon directly.

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That Schlage deal runs through December. Buy a lock, get a free door knob.

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Anyone know if these will pair? The older stuff for Iris at Lowes on clearance rack for $10 each. Bunch more I’ll go get if this stuff pairs but didn’t want to get anymore without knowing for sure.

I went for the 3 way that is listed on website. I show 3 in stock but couldn’t find any of them.

None of the items I bought were showing up on website.


anything that says z-wave should technically work, which I believe all of these are, but check the package to make sure.

Sidenote. Now I have to make yet another stop to lowes… lol

Are those the old switches that don’t require a neutral wire?

They have a neutral, so I assume it is required. Going home to do a quick setup and pair to make sure work, then I will go buy the rest.

Perfect! I wanted to make sure they were the ones that did require a neutral.

So I stopped by my local Best Buy today and they had a whole section for Smartthings.

They’ve probably had it for awhile and I didn’t notice but it is nice to have another option to pick up devices locally…

More than a week back in my local BB, they had a dedicated ST stall with one kit which appeared to be a return looking at the package.

So the regular toggle has a neutral. The dimmer I picked up does not. I hooked up the toggle and outdoor module and they pair up fine. So I will go back to lowes and get anymore of those they have.

you’d have to check the instructions for the dimmer on what it works with. it might work with cfl or led, but might not.

Not bad for the on/off. I’ve just heard bad things about the dimmers without a neutral

Yes, the packaging says incandescent bulbs. It does not say that it does not work with LEDs, but I anticipate it doesn’t. I can always hook it up and try.

probably easier to hit google with the model number and pull the instructions out, so you don’t have to open it up

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Hmm, they had several devices and the security kit at mine.

Very well may be the case… My local BB hardly ever has anything on display. Even the newer hues. I have to tell them that online it shows available in the store and show it to them. And then they go and fetch it for me.