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It worked for me but it states in there they can take it down at any time.

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Sorry — we are experiencing some technical difficulties right now — please check back later today for more Game Day Deals!

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For those with the orginal Hue hub, you can now go through their website and order the updated version. Their site has been getting hammered all day and I just now got my order to go though. Here is the info you will need. Basically they give you $20 off buying the new hub.

As a service to our existing users, you can obtain the new Hue Bridge at a 33% discount via our online shop – free shipping. This program runs from 1st November until 31st December, or while supplies lasts. Please note there is limited availability, so we cannot promise that supplies will be available during the entire period. The one time discount is linked to your unique ID from your current bridge.
In order to obtain the discount:

  1. Sign in or create an account on MyHue (
  2. Go to “Settings" --> “My bridge” --> “More bridge details”, to obtain your "Product ID”
  3. Click the BUY NOW button below to visit the online store
  4. At Check Out, enter your Product ID as the Coupon code to obtain the discount

To keep it on topic: if you are inexperienced with wiring, don’t jump at a deal on switches where the manufacturer specifies that the switch model requires a neutral if you don’t have a neutral and think there will be some easy fix.

also, don’t assume that experience with the wiring in the US applies to a home in the UK or vice a versa. (US code requires following manufacturer directions, so at the very least an intentional code violation is not something to undertake lightly.)

In the US, if you live near a Home Depot, many offer classes on how to wire a light switch which are an excellent place to start learning wiring even if the class doesn’t directly address SmartThings compatible switches.

For further switch and wiring discussions, the wiring FAQ might be a good place to continue:

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I’ll add this with the problem caveat that… certainly in the US, sometimes the wires aren’t colour coded as they should be which makes working out what is what even harder.

Really if you are unsure of what you are doing OR, if you are unsure how to work out what wire is what with a multi meter, have someone else do it for you.

For the most part, if everything is colour coded correctly, anyone can do it but even in my house where so far, of the switches I have investigated, 99% of the wires look to be colour coded correctly I still double check if they are correct.


Promotion at Amazon for the Schlage Connect locks:

“Eligible for the Schlage Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promotion
From now until December 31, 2015 buy 1 Schlage Connect or Schlage Touch Electronic Deadbolt and get 1 free Schlage lever or knob when shipped and sold by Discount reflected at checkout.”

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Just used my Amazon Prime store card and saved $50 on the Echo. Plus $40 in gift certs made it $90!

If you don’t have a Amazon Sore card sign up and get a $10 gift cert and save even more!
The card also gives you %5 of prime purchases (statement credit). So maybe there’s a few more dollars in savings coming.


I don’t have a card yet, but the current promotion if I were to sign up for one is only $20. Where did the $50 you mentioned come from?

Just saw this posted -

You type in ECHODEAL in the check out coupon/code box. Worked for me… GREAT

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I wonder if I can use that to get a fourth Echo :innocent:

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For those still looking BB has Hue Lux starter kits ( Hue Hub (old) and 2 Lux bulbs ) $55 shipped. Worst case just keep the bulbs and use the hubs to get the 30% off a new hue hub, bulbs end up only costing $12.50 each, if you want a new u=hub and didn’t have a trade-in.

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I was trying to get a third one… wanted it in my garage… my wife wanted a legitimate reasons to have one in the garage…

… all I could think of was… but I really really want it!!! and it’s on sale…

I’m not getting it… very sad day in my garage.


There’s no direct integration between Lutron Caseta and SmartThings, but both have an IFTTT channel, so you can get indirect integration that way. (You can also include Caseta devices in Harmony activities.) Works well for window coverings or anything on timed schedules. May have too much lag for just turning on a switch on demand or triggered by a motion sensor.

Anyway, Amazon has a deal now through December where Caseta kits that include the HomeKit-compatible Smart Bridge (which is the piece you would need for the IFTTT integration) are 55% off which basically gives you the bridge piece for 20 or $30 depending on the kit.

So not something everyone will want, but could be useful for some specific cases. The Lutron Caseta wall switches do not require neutrals.

The Included Pico remote does not work with SmartThings directly, it just becomes a parallel means of control. The Pico remote is also not usable with the IFTTT channel. So IFTTT basically gives you one way ST control (no polling or status updates) of the in wall dimmer or the window coverings.

It’s definitely a good deal if it’s something you can use.

One bridge can support up to 50 switches.

@metfoo printed out below that some of the items on sale have the generation one bridge, which will work with IFTTT but will not work with HomeKit, and some have the generation two bridge which is HomeKit enabled. But it looks like they are using the same product description for both. So check carefully both what you buy and what you receive.

You can also buy the generation 2 bridge alone now on the sale for $79.95, which is about half off the regular price.

You could try saying that you heard that they were working on an upgrade to use multiple Echo’s as intercoms . Who knows maybe eventually they will, in the mean time you will be prepared LOL.


Its a gen 1 bridge. The gen 2 bridge offers HomeKit integration. I love my Caseta switches, and really wish they would integrate their bridge with ST. I have 7 lights on HomeKit, and everything else on ST using Echo. Speaking to both Siri and Alexa for light control can get confusing

Said “HomeKit compatible” in the product description when I looked at it, that should be gen 2. Good point to be careful, because Amazon does sometimes rotate links and you might end up going to the wrong model.

This one, on the same sale, was definitely the Gen 2 HomeKit enabled bridge when I looked at it because the only model number is the bridge itself.

Good reminder to be careful and check what you get when it does arrive as well. Generation switchovers are always tricky. I’ve edited my post above.