Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

@eibyer I had zero knowledge in electrical work and I read and was able to understand what needed to be done. I have now did multiple rooms and switches. Just do plenty of reading and always verify anything you are working on is powered off. At any time you fee uncomfortable hire an electrician. God luck in taking the plunge.

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Just check out YouTube videos. I learned everything I needed for remodeling my house.

And when doing electrical work make sure you have one of these babies!!



I have three (3) Belkin Wemo light switches for sale. One was installed and the other two never made it out of the box. I’ll take $20.00 each for them, plus shipping.

I’m selling them because they were the first switches I bought and I’ve decided to go with the GE Z-wave switches. Selling these because I like to keep the same hardware throughout the house.

Rachio Iro irrigation system on sale again at Amazon. $150 for the 8 zone, $200 for the 16 zone.

Ah, its a Lightning Deal, will end in 3 1/2 hours.


If anyone is looking for a cheap (free) Android phone to use for a SmartTiles dashboard or for LANdroid and LANnouncer:

It essentially is free (+ tax), as long as you can find some way to use the Shop Your Way points at Sears/Kmart within 90 days of receiving them.

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I don’t know if anyone found this deal yet but the GE Link bulbs are 50% off at Sears so see link below…

DO NOTE that like @discordium mentioned, they seem to be out of stock online and I double-checked by adding 1 to my cart (despite the webpage stated they are “In Stock”) and once I reached checkout it then mentioned they were actually out of stock. If you are interested, if I were you, I would immediately head to get the price match as who knows when Sears will update the webpage to state “Out of Stock” and then at that point, I doubt they will honor the price match. Who knows if they will also get more in stock over the week and it’s most likely a week sale that will end next Sunday (12/20).

So with that, you can head to stores like Home Depot (or Lowes?) which is what I did and get them to price match which Home Depot did for me so I picked up 6 and wish I got more since I didn’t realize they were out of stock online at that moment

Note that the lady at the Home Depot service desk made me go to the customer computer they had there and print off the webpage stating that price because I guess she didn’t trust my cellphone haha makes sense I guess!

WARNING: In terms of dependency, these bulbs may have issues where they lose connectivity with your hub (and there are other bulbs I think that have the same issues though) but there is a quick and easy fix posted by @JDRoberts at the following link below. Note that it seems the bulbs can lose connectivity from either a power loss or a family member manually flips the light switch on/off but I’ve seen issues with manually flipping the switch on/off with Philips Hue bulbs so yea.

ALSO: @slagle can we please get this thread pinned to the top as I accidentally created a duplicate thread for the same topic since I couldn’t find a related one when I searched but I mainly searched in General Things category as Connected Things seemed to relate more to once you have the device but everybody has a different opinion! Threads like these to me are fantastic and really get the community interacting with each other! :smile:

Yes I agree 100%! I was looking for a page where I can find deals on brand new devices in stores and am not interested in devices that people are selling, it’s just my preference! If this thread is full of people trying to sell their used or even new devices then chances are I will probably not waste my time looking through it!

I just want deals on stores, not arranging shipping info, or payments, or etc with someone else. Quick and easy stuff haha! :smile:

The Sears deal was posted in #1390 of this thread.

I printed out the page and went over to HD today and got them price matched! Half price on these bulbs is a great deal. I got 4 more today!

Today my HD wouldn’t price match. I will try again tomorrow with a different employee. They said no to pricematch because it says online only price.

Go the HD online chart route. Its free shipping and you can do it from home. Plus it looks like no one has had an issues with them so far.

Ahh thanks @Tomforti! I may actually take that approach. I scrolled up and read your post and looks like even the online chat was able to get the deal for you! Nice!

PLUS if you buy from online you are probably guaranteed that no one has opened them and returned them as it seems like 2 of my bulbs had that plastic cover missing and the bulb wasn’t fully in the sheath so I tested it anyways and one wouldn’t turn on correctly so back to return lol!

I’ve withdrawn my post… I wasn’t aware there was another thread for classifieds and such.

So I chatted with home depot. They would only price match if I was doing shipping. If I did in store pickup then I had to wait till tomorrow for them to get store approval. I also had to purchase 6 to get to $45 (for this item) to ship free. I only needed 2 but I was going to purchase 5 anyway.

As someone above mentioned I placed the order at full price while in chat and they discounted it using the order number.

Now If I could find a deal on Hue Bulbs. I’d like to get a few more of those.

100% duplicate situation for me since I got 6 bulbs and they came out to be $44.94 but shipping was only free for orders $45 or more lol so the guy said he would just charge $.01 more per bulb to make it $45 even because I mentioned I wasn’t doing it unless it was free shipping. I mean come on who is going to pay for shipping which probably costs the price of a bulb haha!

Also same as you @mattjfrank where the guy mentioned I couldn’t do pick-up-in-store with that sale price because each store operates based on their local supply and I would need to go to the store to get approval there and they couldn’t do it. Also asked if they could do “ship to store” thinking it might be quicker somehow or cheaper then shipping to me but he mentioned they don’t even have an option for that so yea!

Finally, I cannot stress this enough that if you are on the fence or somewhat interested in purchasing these bulbs at the best price I’ve seen so far, I recommend you do it ASAP before Sears updates there website to state “Out of Stock” as I’m pretty sure once they do that then no one will probably price match anymore, I don’t know!

Hope that helps!

Should have got some of those lifx bulbs that were on sale.

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And where might we find this “classifieds section” ?

There are several actually. Here’s one

I’ve tried HD chat 3 times and they want a zip code for my area. Once they see that Sears doesn’t have it in stock or available to ship they deny the price match

I think it’s getting to the point where Sears is selling out everywhere. When I did it online a couple of days ago the most bulbs I could put in my cart with Sears was 4. I wanted more and HD gave it to me. Perhaps you can ship to family members house that still has the bulbs in stock?

The new Philips Hue lights strips are $70 at Best Buy and extensions are $30. Doesn’t show as a sale price so maybe these are new pricing?