Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Great deal on APC Battery Backup from right now for that Router and Modem when power goes out:

Can’t beat $20!


Not on sale so don’t get too excited, but Amazon has Flic buttons back in stock. $34 each. Integration with SmartThings through IFTTT or http Get. Must be paired with a nearby phone or tablet to work.

Even so, I really like these. About the size of a quarter, rubbery with a quality feel. Three states: press, long press, double tap.

Updated And I just this second got a discount offer from the manufacturer site for four for $99. With the HOLIDAYFLIC discount coupon it’s basically free shipping plus a quantity discount, and they’re promising delivery by Christmas. So that one is a deal if you want 4. :sunglasses:

Remember these will only be able to work when your phone or tablet is within Bluetooth range of the button. So if you leave them at home and take your phone to work, the buttons won’t work until you get home again. That will still work for many households, but not for all.

At our house, we have the flics paired to a tablet which acts as our home automation station, so there’s no problem, the buttons always work. But think through your use cases to see if there will always be a tablet/phone in range when you want to use the button.

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I just used the code and it actually ended up being 89


Yep. My primary are of IT equipment already has a UPS, but not the ST hub. So, I’m getting one of these for that.

Seems like this may be the best (and maybe cheapest) way to get little buttons for turning on/off lights, etc (I’m thinking of having them next to my wall-mounted SmartTiles tablets; so, they’d always be connected).

Is that about right, or are there other/better/cheaper products for that kind of thing?

I haven’t noticed this one posted yet, but I know it was discussed in the Smoke/CO SHM thread about using one one . BB has LEEO Smart Alerts for $49 ,

No Amazon Price match, still $79

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The new iris smart button (included in some of the Lowes black Friday kit sales) is cheaper with a list price of $24. It’s a boxy hard plastic square, about 2 inches. I like the Flic form factor better, and it’s especially great for just sticking on something because it has a nice reusable adhesive included, but the iris button is Zigbee ZHA 1.2, so it connects directly to the SmartThings hub. There’s also a new Iris panic button which is a flat circle fob and works well as a wearable or keychain device. Just comes down to the specific details as to which is best for any one use case.

We’re seeing more and more options in this category. See the following topic for the full list of ones that seem to be working pretty well:

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It looks like Amazon has dropped the price on the Quickset locks:

Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Lifetime Polished Brass

Someone posted it earlier, but my local hd also has quirky tripper 2 pack on clearance 2 for 10 bucks

I scored 3 =)

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I have the Honeywell. Smartthings is not officially supported. This thread has the necessary connection info. Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Compatibility

I got the Honeywell before I got into ST. If I did it over again I would probably get a different one.

That said, it works for now but I am worried about Honeywell changing the API.

This is still working. Got it for $17.50 and no tax or shipping. Bought one about two weeks ago from another site for $19.99.

These are the old model, but just update the firmware with the USB cable and you have the latest version.

These work great for controlling just about any device.

Code is L7.

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Certified/Available for USA, EU and Australian markets (FCC, CE, C-TICK, ROHS)

It says “US warranty” but how do you know it’s the US zwave frequency?

LIFX is having an even better sale on their wifi color changing light. Best price I’ve ever seen!
$29.99 with code: blackfriday
It’s a great Hue alternative with no hub required. Works with Smartthings.


Only 11 $ going to buy some!


Yes I scored 4 boxes of them and they synced and started working flawlessly using the custom device type i found on the board for them.

Is smarthings having a black friday / cyber monday special need want to get a hub and some GE switches

$199 for V2 hub and 4 sensors. Direct from ST, or Bestbuy,Amazon, Sears ,etc

I’m all over the lifx deal!! It’s for the org model. Is there really any difference between the new model.

Update: not that it matter because I already bought a couple of them, haha. I’m buying too much today, all I need is a good deal ok a led dimmer switch I like.

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Darn… no deal on the Flood versions?!? :cry:

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Amazon echo at Bed Bath & Beyond with online coupon on their site brings it from 150 to 119

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I’m a big fan of little bits for teaching kids about electronics. These are basically Legos with electronic components, everything from a light sensor to beeper. Plus a wifi radio and an IFTTT channel. Really nicely engineered. Connections are magnetic couplings, so no soldering, no tricky socket connections.

The great thing about that is when you put something together, and it doesn’t work the way you expected it, it’s really easy to take it apart and try different way. To me this is really the most important teaching aspect of the kits. Because one of the reason so many kids give up on hardware and go on to software is the difficulty of fixing a problem if you don’t get it right the first time.

So I love the experimentation capability of the little bits kits. And the reusability. Individual sensor bits run around 12 or $15. The Wi-Fi bit at $60 is probably the most expensive. So not cheap. But if you have a kid that you would like to get interested in maker projects that have a real practical application, I just think these are a great place to start.

Black Friday sale is 20% off everything with the code thanks.

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