Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

The new iris smart button (included in some of the Lowes black Friday kit sales) is cheaper with a list price of $24. It’s a boxy hard plastic square, about 2 inches. I like the Flic form factor better, and it’s especially great for just sticking on something because it has a nice reusable adhesive included, but the iris button is Zigbee ZHA 1.2, so it connects directly to the SmartThings hub. There’s also a new Iris panic button which is a flat circle fob and works well as a wearable or keychain device. Just comes down to the specific details as to which is best for any one use case.

We’re seeing more and more options in this category. See the following topic for the full list of ones that seem to be working pretty well:

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