Curling Iron Off : Hub + TP Link Kasa Power Outlet + Remote Connectivity

Newbie here looking to get feedback on the plausibility of a configuration.

I’m thinking of purchasing a Samsung Smart Hub (2018) and a TP Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Outlet (Model Number: KP200(US) ; protocol: Cloud-to-Cloud).
With the Hub connected to my Wifi and Cloud Control turned on in the app, and the Outlet connected to Smart things, I should be able to be remote - such as at work - and power off the outlet.
Does this sound like a configuration that should work?

Purpose: Fiancée is driving away from home and says “Did I unplug the curling iron / straighter”. Now we should be able to use a cellular connection to kill the outlet which it would be plugged into (non GFCI) and not have to turn around to physically check.

You don’t need a hub to control (most) WiFi outlets; in this case you can control it directly from the Kasa app. With a hub you can gain more control though such as creating a routine that will turn it off whenever you leave home (using phone presence) or set timers that will turn it off automatically after 10, 20, 30 minutes (Kasa may also allow this but I don’t have one so I don’t know).

In this specific case you could also use a dumb outlet like the one linked below. You lose the ability to check it from your phone, but you gain some reliability in that you don’t have to remember to check it, it will always shut off even if your wifi goes offline.

As @MarkTr said, you don’t need the SmartThings hub for this. You can either use the Kasa app directly or still integrate it into SmartThings without a hub. One warning about the SmartThings integration: It isn’t bi-directional. So if you turn it on via some other means (manually, Kasa app, Alexa, etc.) SmartThings will not get updated with the new status.

I understand that Smartthings Hub isn’t required for the switch, but that would have given me ‘out of house’ connectivity.
That’s unfortunate that smartthings will not update the status, Then it seems useless to have the outlet installed.
I imagined it would work more like Hue where manual on/off is seen by the app.

Any suggestions on how i can control an outlet out of home - with bi-directional updating?

The SmartThings app communicates to the SmartThings cloud. So no hub needed.

You can still use the Kasa plug with the Kasa app. It works bi-directional.

If you want to dip your toe into SmartThings, you could get the SmartThings wifi plug. Its $18, works without a hub and is bi-directional.

Now I’m thinking about Kasa + ifttt. It can be bi-directional over wifi at home, but if I’m unsure if I forgot to unplug it, i can just send an ifttt to turn it off, whether its on or off at the moment.

Think that would work?

Kasa and IFTTT should work if you want to automate the turning off.