Curious...Weather “Device?”

I’ve been using ST for a while now but I’ve never noticed “weather” as a device before. Added it and the screenshots are what I have. Pretty cool. I know there’s a weather tile smart app (just found that little gem), but if I’ve missed this somehow, where have I been?? Lol. Has this been around for a while?

Yup… This has been around for years.

It’s a good example of how abstract or complex a SmartThings “device” can be.

And such devices can then have their standard Attributes (lux, temperature, etc.) used in other SmartApps.

ActionTiles uses has a Tile Type that is fed from instances of the Smart Weather Tile Device.

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I just got on board with ActionTiles and have started building my first panel (haven’t had much time this week!) and love the weather and radar abilities. I’m a weather nut, I just missed it for the past few months…thanks for the answer tgauchat

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How do I get that?

Thank you, I had just got it working by reading this post Smart Weather station tile app

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Is this tile information only, or can the data be used as a trigger?

You can subscribe to the Attributes in a SmartApp.

(Especially Attributes of a common standard Capability like “Temperature”, “Humidity”, “Light Measurement” lux…).

Light Measurement, for example, is usable in Smart Lighting. But it isn’t very accurate - not updated very frequently.

Thank you, I found the illuminance in Smart Lighting.