Cube Sensors: there's an API, anyone integrate them yet?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these Cube Sensors?

They won the TechCrunch hardware battlefield this year and seem like they could be a perfect addition to the Smartthings family.

Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head with proper ST integration:

Turn on/turn up the air purifier in a given room when the air quality drops.
Turn on the lights in a room when the light level dip below a certain threshold.
Trigger the AC when humidity hits a certain level in the house.

They state on their FAQ they are planning an API. I tried searching around the forums and didn’t see any mention of them so thought I would post in here.

I was going to try to build my own arduino based system but after seeing the build quality and execution these are a much more attractive option.

Anyway, just looking for feedback and to see if this company is on ST’s radar at all!

Just had an exchange with them on Twitter… They connect with their base station over Zigbee and they are interested in integration with both Smartthings and IFTT… They also have an API:

Thanks for the information Ben!

They need to update their site as it states they are working on an API.

These cubes are not cheap, but they look like they could be a nice long-term solution for indoor monitoring.

Do you know if anyone has created a device on the IDE?

Haven’t seen one. I don’t think the zigbee is going to help much, looks like a nonstandard protocol, but their cloud service has an API, so should be doable.

I’m assuming you have one? How’s the audio sensor? Several people have been asking for an audio sensor since Quirky Uniq seems to be on hold again, this is one of the few I’ve seen actually shipping.

Looks like 2nd Gen of this product has shown up on Indiegogo. The Koto smart sensors are said to address issues the original CubeSensors, along with adding new features such as IFTTT support (which means you could easily build some Koto sensor based triggers for SmartThings).

The price on these things is still pretty high IMO. That being said I am still thinking about backing them. I do wish the Indiegogo prices were a little more discounted. The discount rates are not that substantial…

Note that in the new design, only the storm can talk to the Internet. Which means you have to have a storm if you want to use IFTTT for the other sensors.

What they’ve really done is try to reduce the cost by breaking out the functions into separate units.

So if you do want to back it to make sure you’re ordering the combination that does what you want. The SmartThings integration is through the IFTTT channel, so you need the storm for that.

This isn’t the kind of project I back in advance. But I’ll look at it once it comes to market. :sunglasses:

Hey, I’m the cofounder and CTO of KotoLabs (formerly CubeSensors).

@JDRoberts - you’re correct, you need the Storm to permanently talk to the internet, but the devices also have BLE in them, so they could talk to other connected things that way - and if you set them to broadcast data we can make the schema public so you can read it from any device that can listen to BLE broadcasts. The microphone inside all the cubes (old and new) is a Knowles device and we calculate a dBA value from the ~1s sample we do every time we measure stuff (once per minute on old devices, variable on new devices).

The Storm has all the sensors of Blink + a storm sensor and a pressure sensor. And it has a display, so you can use it (via IFTTT) for notifications and customize it with our app/dashboard or the API. The API is currently an OAuth 1.0a based auth (we’re working on OAuth2 with IFTTT support) so If anyone wants to do an integration we can help.

@adamskoreyko If you’re thinking of supporting us on IndieGoGo please do - we’ve done this once already, we have a pretty good idea how long things take and what needs to be done to get there. Unfortunately we can’t do much on the price side as we don’t yet get the economies of scale that bigger companies do.

And if you have any questions just ask…


I’m resurrecting this thread because I have had a set of these cube sensors a couple of years and they are both beautiful and very reliable. Much nicer looking than all the ST or z-wave sensors.
As I have now started using ST, these cubes are likely to become redundant eventually. This would he a shame as they provide a lot of information and they are aesthetically pleasing!

So…has anybody explored ST integration any further?
I realise there are few cubesensor owners, and that they are no longer available (so short lived! A problem with being an early adopter!) so I won’t hold my breath.

A few screenshots for those not famiiar. They measure temperature, humidity, light, air quality, pressure, sound.

I guess not. That is a shame.