CT32 radio thermostat

I was able to connect my CT32 radio thermostat from my old ATT Digital Life to my SmartThings hub

It actually works better in the hub than when I had Digital Life.

The first thing I had to do was reset the thermostat
There is a button in the top compartment labelled reset

You have to be in the SmartThings app “Z-Wave Exclusion” to remove the old settings. Once you set the app up for this and THEN press the reset button; this removed the old network settings.

Then set your thermostat up to “MATE” from the menu. It will be flashing.

Then select “add” . In the search pane at the top, enter “generic device”
This will start the pairing

It will “find” the thermostat and link to it. The app will see it as a CT100 thermostat but that’s fine. It works great!

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