CT100 Thermostat Always Says "Heating"

My CT100 thermostats continue to say the state is heating when the heating has clearly stopped. The only way I’ve found to clear it back to idle is by going into the IDE, editing the device and updating it without actually changing anything.

Started a couple weeks back. Can’t recall if before or after app update. I’m using the standard z wave battery thermostat DTH. Plenty of battery power left.

Anyone experience this and know how to fix it?

I have a Honeywell thermostat, so what I’m seeing may be different. Around the time of the latest app update, I noticed, among other things, that ST no longer accurately reported the thermostat state. It seems that ST is no longer regularly refreshing the thermostat state (unless you consider overnight as regularly).

Try creating an automation to trigger a refresh on your thermostat (if you have refresh exposed to run). See if the thermostat is reflected accurately immediately after the refresh. If that’s the case, you’ll have to run an automation to regularly refresh.

This is particularly annoying because voice assistants get thermostat status for ST connected thermostats, so if ST doesn’t have the proper status, the voice assistant won’t either.

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Thanks very much. I’ve never seen a refresh option in the app for any device. Is webCoRE the only way to accomplish that?

Did you try to create an automation? Just start to create a new automation and skip to the “Then” section. Select your thermostat and see if “Refresh” is an option.

Ah okay. I don’t see that option in automations swapping between a couple different device handlers. Going to just try with webCoRE for now.

Thanks for the help!

These thermostats are susceptive to an issue where it can lose directional connection with the hub or have loss of packets. What you’re seeing is that the update from the thermostat didn’t reach the hub.

The “Soft Reset” option as described in the first post here. You may also want to use the C-Wire option while pairing so it works in active repeater mode which reduces loss of packets.